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### Recognizing Outstanding Employees: Marshall County Schools’ Tribute to Its Finest

Marshall County Schools Recognition Awards

Photo by: Shelley Hanson

Nicole McCulley, the recipient of the Marshall County Schools’ Service Personnel of the Year award, and Abby Edman, who received the Teacher of the Year award, were captured in a moment of celebration during a recent board of education meeting.

The awards ceremony, held at the Grave Creek Mound Archaeological Complex, showcased the dedication and excellence of both McCulley and Edman. Additionally, certificates were presented to various nominees recognized for their outstanding contributions to Marshall County Schools.

Nicole McCulley, a media library aide at Center McMechen Elementary School and Glen Dale Elementary School, was honored with the Service Personnel of the Year award. Expressing her excitement and gratitude, McCulley highlighted her commitment to providing students with the best possible opportunities.

Abby Edman, a fourth-grade teacher at Central Elementary School, was bestowed with the Teacher of the Year award. Edman, who has been an educator for 18 years, expressed her deep appreciation for the recognition, emphasizing the joy she finds in teaching fourth graders and engaging them in creative projects and innovative technologies.

The event also recognized a diverse group of nominees for both awards, reflecting the exceptional talent and dedication within the Marshall County educational community.

Service Personnel of the Year Nominees:

  • Erika Whipkey
  • Jason McGilton
  • Janet Hinerman
  • Jamie Miller
  • Erica McDonald
  • Jennifer Patrick
  • Melissa Francis
  • Keith Wright
  • Tamera Smith
  • Deborah Jochum
  • Melissa Pajak
  • Meghan McCartney
  • William Games
  • John Elson
  • James Gorby

Teacher of the Year Nominees:

  • Ashley Elliott
  • Christian Oliver
  • Kathy Wallace
  • Danielle Ellwood
  • Bethani Faulstick
  • Rachel Bandy
  • Josie Mentzer
  • Dawn Stevey
  • Tabetha Morgan
  • Mindy McCartney
  • Michael Murphy
  • Corinne Greene

The dedication and passion exhibited by all nominees and award recipients exemplify the commitment to excellence within Marshall County Schools.