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### Explore Sewanee’s Growing Asian Studies Program: Discover Study Abroad Options and Beyond

Chloe Wright

As a Junior Editor at Sewanee, I am thrilled to share exciting news about a new summer study-abroad program that offers students the chance to immerse themselves in Asian history and culture. Titled “Japan and Taiwan: Buddhism and Tea,” this program aims to provide deep insights into the rich and diverse cultures of Japan and Taiwan, exploring their colonial relationship and their significance in East Asia.

Dr. Alison Miller, the director of Sewanee’s Asian Studies Department, expressed enthusiasm about the program’s objectives. Students participating in the program will have the opportunity to engage with two specific themes, Buddhism and Tea, from various academic perspectives within their majors.

Participants will undertake research projects related to International and Global Studies, Art History, Environmental Studies, and other disciplines. For instance, I, as an aspiring Asian Studies minor, plan to delve into how Japan and Taiwan market their tea products to Euro-American audiences, shedding light on their colonial legacies. This multifaceted approach will enable students to apply their newfound knowledge to their academic pursuits effectively.

Dr. Miller emphasized that the program will introduce students to a wide range of study areas in Asia, highlighting its significance in global economics and various fields such as national security, food culture, and environmental studies. The University has observed a growing interest in Asian studies, with more students opting for study abroad experiences in Asia over Europe.

Professor Marcus Murphy, Assistant Director of the Office of Global Citizenship, stressed the importance of students connecting with diverse regions worldwide. While sparking interest in Asian Studies can be challenging, the transformative experiences of students in Japan and Taiwan have fueled a desire to learn more about Asia.

In addition to study abroad programs, Sewanee offers the Freeman Asia Internship Program, providing opportunities for students to intern in countries like Mongolia, Japan, Vietnam, and Korea. The University also promotes East Asian cultural experiences through language studies, with a growing interest in the Chinese language and studies minor.

Looking ahead, Sewanee will host events in April focusing on Asian/Asian-American experiences, providing students with valuable insights into diverse cultures. Stay tuned for updates on these events from the Office of Global Citizenship.

I am excited to report on my summer trip experiences in the upcoming fall issues of the Purple.