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### Compelling Reasons for Tech Students to Pursue International Studies

When I dedicated myself to pursuing a degree in the field of technology, I engaged in numerous conversations with current students and alumni to gain insights and seek advice on navigating the college experience. One recurring inquiry I posed was regarding any regrets or advice they would offer their younger selves. While initially, the response seemed cliché, the consistent answer I received was, “I wish I had studied abroad.”

Initially, I found this response somewhat irksome. Balancing my academic workload to graduate early and preparing for medical school applications left little room for such endeavors, or so I thought. The notion of studying abroad seemed incompatible with my meticulously crafted three-year plan, leading me to dismiss it as “not my cup of tea.”

However, persistent promotional emails from the university coupled with extensive travels with my family prompted me to reconsider. Delving deeper into the idea, I discovered a program that aligned with my academic pursuits, offering courses akin to those available on campus. Despite the disruption to my meticulously outlined three-year trajectory, I embraced the opportunity and embarked on a two-month journey through New Zealand and Australia.

Approaching the one-month milestone of my sojourn, I can unequivocally affirm that I harbor no regrets. Rather than delving into the generic rhetoric of “broadening cultural horizons,” I aim to delineate Tech-specific advantages of studying abroad.

While many students are drawn to Tech for its urban allure juxtaposed with a campus ambiance that defies the bustling city surroundings, the networking prospects and picturesque skyline are undeniably captivating. Whether relishing the winter sans snow boots or basking in the summer sun, the campus offers a diverse range of experiences. Picture yourself engrossed in academic pursuits on a wooden bench, serenaded by birdsong and the gentle flow of the river—a stark contrast to the cacophony of vehicular traffic.

Steering clear of conventional narratives centered on discovering one’s purpose, I emphasize the importance of adaptability—a skill often underestimated yet invaluable. The ability to acclimate to diverse environments is crucial in navigating real-world challenges and academic conundrums, necessitating a nuanced understanding of social norms and cultural disparities.

Moreover, embarking on a study abroad program fosters camaraderie among fellow travelers, facilitating new connections and nurturing independence—a precursor to adult life. For local residents or Atlanta natives, venturing beyond familiar horizons offers a refreshing change of scenery and a chance to forge lasting memories with newfound companions.

While solitary travel is an option, the sense of community fostered by embarking on this journey with peers is unparalleled, ensuring a shared tapestry of experiences that will resonate long after returning to campus.