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### 5 Scholarships Offered by UCLA to Assist with the High Cost of Studying Abroad

This article was authored by a student writer affiliated with Her Campus at UCLA.

Each year, a multitude of students embark on the journey of a study abroad semester in Europe. For many, this opportunity represents a dream come true, offering three months to explore Europe with minimal worries (aside from academic responsibilities). However, as junior year approaches, the reality of the steep costs associated with these experiences sets in. While the average UCEAP program may align with the expenses of a regular quarter at UCLA, additional costs such as flights, accommodations, travel expenses, passport renewals, and embracing the European lifestyle can pose financial challenges for many students.

Fortunately, UCLA endeavors to support students in their global pursuits by offering a variety of campus-specific scholarships. These scholarships, highlighted on the university’s website, vary in amount, program focus, and eligibility criteria. In conjunction with financial aid, these scholarships play a crucial role in making study abroad experiences accessible to students facing financial constraints or those who may not believe they qualify for aid. Despite the significance of these scholarships, navigating through the options to find the most suitable one can be overwhelming. To alleviate this burden, here is a concise list of five scholarships that merit your attention:

1. European Undergraduate Study Abroad Scholarship

This scholarship awards two annual scholarships worth $2,500 each to students participating in a UCEAP program in a city outside the UK. The application process entails submitting two 300-word essays, offering a manageable path to potential financial support for eligible students.

2. Richard and Gerrie Leeds Study Abroad Scholarship

Established by Richard and Gerrie Leeds, this scholarship aims to enhance the study abroad experience for students. With three humanities-specific and need-based grants available for the upcoming fall term, this scholarship presents a focused and accessible opportunity for students seeking additional financial assistance.

3. Kimura Airfare Scholarship

Designed specifically for first-generation college students, this scholarship provides \(900 towards airfare expenses for students studying abroad. Given that the average flight cost to Europe is approximately \)700, this scholarship can significantly alleviate the financial burden associated with international travel for a quarter.

4. Shirley and Walter Wang Study Abroad Scholarship

Tailored for middle-income students, this scholarship emphasizes the importance of adaptability and open-mindedness in the study abroad experience. By responding to two prompts that demonstrate these qualities, students have the chance to compete for one of three awards granted in the fall, each offering $2,000 in financial support.

5. UCEAP Scholarships

The UCEAP program strives to make study abroad opportunities accessible to students from diverse backgrounds, majors, and financial circumstances. With scholarships ranging from \(500 to \)8,000, UCLA underscores the value it places on enriching students’ educational journeys through international experiences.

Applications for these scholarships are currently open. Even if you are not participating in a UCEAP program, numerous national and international scholarships are available for consideration. I urge those who may have dismissed the possibility of studying abroad to explore these opportunities, including those listed on the International Education Office’s website.

Let UCLA support your academic pursuits this year. Submit your application by March 1st.