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### Seeking Opinions on Revising Education Legislation: Exploring Different Approaches

Alex Blake – BBC News, Isle of Man

April 3, 2024 at 1:40 AM

Children in classroom

Proposed Changes to Education Laws on the Isle of Man

A series of reforms aimed at modernizing the regulations governing education on the island are under consideration by the Department of Education.

The potential amendments to the Education Amendment Bill, scheduled for introduction next year, encompass various aspects such as home schooling, religious education, catchment areas, emergency closures, and mobile phone usage.

Seeking feedback on these proposed revisions, the Department of Education, Sport and Culture (Desc) aims to revamp the existing Education Act of 2001.

Following criticism in the House of Keys, a renewed effort is underway to revamp the legislation.

Minister Daphne Caine of Desc emphasized that this initiative is a crucial component of the government’s Island Plan, with public input playing a pivotal role in shaping future laws.

Focus Areas

The consultation delves into the adequacy of the current religious education syllabus, which mandates a predominantly Christian orientation as stipulated by the Religious Education Advisory Committee.

Additionally, opinions are being solicited on the necessity of establishing a guidance document for home educators and maintaining a registry of homeschooled children, thereby sharing the responsibility beyond just the parents.

Regarding catchment areas, stakeholders are invited to provide insights on the criteria for declaring a school year group as full, the decision-making authority in such cases, and the provision for siblings to attend the same school automatically.

Furthermore, the Desc presents options for enhancing the mechanisms for initiating emergency school closures to ensure a more efficient and responsive process.

The consultation period extends until May 10.

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