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### Explore University of Glasgow’s Fresh India Merit Scholarship for 2024


Apr 08, 2024 02:32 PM IST

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The University of Glasgow, a prestigious institution ranked among the top 100 universities globally, has introduced the India Merit Award, a significant incentive for Indian students.

Established in 1451, the University of Glasgow (UofG) prides itself on being a World Top 100 University with a diverse student body of 35,000 individuals representing 140 nationalities. The university hosts over 800 Indian students, fostering one of the most vibrant Indian student communities in the country. Renowned for its research, teaching, and learning initiatives, UofG boasts eight Nobel Prize winners among its alumni, including notable figures such as Adam Smith, the pioneer of Economics, and John Logie Baird, the inventor of Television. Offering a wide array of academic programs, including over 600 masters programs, 70 bachelor’s programs, flexible degrees, as well as clinical and professional programs.

All you need to know about University of Glasgow’s new India Merit award 2024(Getty Images/iStockphoto)All you need to know about University of Glasgow’s new India Merit award 2024(Getty Images/iStockphoto)


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The University comprises four Colleges: College of Arts and Humanities, College of Social Sciences, College of Medicine, Veterinary and Life Sciences, and College of Science and Engineering, housing 23 academic schools.

In an exclusive interview, Shonagh Maak, Head of International Stakeholder Engagement at the University of Glasgow, provides insights into essential considerations for students applying to undergraduate or postgraduate programs at the University of Glasgow and its newly introduced India Merit Award.


Historically, what has been the most sought-after program at the University?

UofG offers a diverse portfolio of programs. While Indian students are enrolled across all colleges, programs in Business, Computing Science, and Engineering are particularly popular in the region.


How early should prospective students commence the application process? What language tests are mandatory for enrollment?

Prospective students can initiate the application process from September of the year preceding their intended entry. Early application submission is advised to allow ample time for document preparation. Application deadlines vary and are specified on the program pages. Postgraduate applications can be directly submitted through the University’s website, while undergraduate applications should be made via UCAS. The University accepts a variety of English language tests, including CBSE, ISC, IELTS, and TOEFL, with specific requirements detailed on the program pages.

Does the University consider factors beyond academic performance in student applications?

While academic excellence is paramount in the University of Glasgow’s holistic admissions process, the institution values extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and relevant external courses. Applicants are encouraged to highlight these experiences in their Statement of Purpose (SoP) if requested, emphasizing the importance of well-crafted submissions.

What are the average tuition fees?

Tuition fees vary based on the program of study, with detailed costs outlined on the program pages. Most programs fall within the range of £28,000 to £32,000. Additionally, academically accomplished Indian applicants are eligible for the India Merit Award, a £5000 tuition fee discount. Other scholarship opportunities include the £10,000 International Leadership Awards and GREAT awards in Science and Technology.

What are the living expenses like?

Glasgow offers affordable living costs within the UK context. To budget effectively, students should consider expenses such as accommodation, food, books, clothing, entertainment, travel, and utilities like electricity and gas. An estimated annual budget of £11,300 to £16,000 is recommended, accounting for individual lifestyle choices and accommodation preferences.

What support is available for students with disabilities?

The University of Glasgow is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to students with disabilities, ensuring a conducive learning environment from application to graduation. The Disability Team offers assistance in arranging necessary support services, access provisions, assistive technology, examination accommodations, and financial aid. Additionally, the Counselling and Psychological Services team is available to address mental health concerns throughout the academic journey.

Are students permitted to work while studying?

Students studying in the UK can work up to 20 hours per week in accordance with visa regulations. The University advises students to manage their work hours judiciously to maintain academic focus and success. Glasgow, with its five university campuses, offers numerous job opportunities for students, further supported by the Careers Service through their Job Shop and Internship Hub.

Are mentorship programs available to assist students during the application process?

The University of Glasgow features a dedicated team in India to address queries and provide guidance during the application process. Through webinars and in-person events conducted nationwide, the International Team offers valuable support and information, facilitating a smooth transition for students moving to Scotland. Contact details for the team and representatives can be found on the Country Pages.

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