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– Top Philadelphia Schools Show Remarkable Improvement in Recent Rankings

The Philadelphia School District recently hosted a celebration to honor some of its best-performing and most improved schools. This event marked the inaugural presentation of the “Accelerate Philly” awards, a tribute to Superintendent Tony B. Watlington Sr.’s strategic educational plan.

Superintendent Watlington expressed his appreciation for the dedication and hard work of the school staff, emphasizing the importance of accelerating academic achievement to position Philadelphia as the rapidly advancing urban school district, fostering students’ ability to pursue their desired futures.

The recognized schools and their achievements include:


  1. Most improved: Houston K-8 (proficiency: 31.4%, increase of 20.1 percentage points); Hackett Elementary (proficiency: 50.3%, increase of 13.6 points); Middle Years Alternative Middle School (proficiency: 14.6%, increase of 5.2 points).

  2. Excellence in proficiency: Greenfield K-8 (proficiency: 78.5%); A.S. Jenks Elementary (proficiency: 62.8%); Baldi Middle School (proficiency: 36.2%).

PSSA English Language Arts

  1. Most improved: Sharswood K-8 (proficiency: 38.4%, increase of 10.1 percentage points); Girard Elementary (proficiency: 34.7%, increase of 11.9 points).

  2. Excellence in proficiency: Greenfield K-8 (proficiency: 88.6%); Anne Frank Elementary (proficiency: 62.2%); Baldi Middle School (proficiency: 57.1%).

Third grade PSSA English Language Arts

  1. Most improved: Waring K-8 (proficiency: 54.6%, increase of 35.5 percentage points); Howe Elementary (proficiency: 40%, increase of 21.5 points).

  2. Excellence in proficiency: Meredith K-8 (proficiency: 92.9%); Hackett Elementary (proficiency: 67.7%).

Biology Keystone

  1. Most improved: Bartram (proficiency: 17.9%, increase of 15.9 percentage points), Overbrook (proficiency: 18.2%, increase of 15.8 points), Philadelphia Virtual Academy (proficiency: 43.1%, increase of 29.5 points).

  2. Excellence in proficiency: Central (proficiency: 80.2%); Masterman (proficiency: 98.3%); Science Leadership Academy (proficiency: 69.4%).

Algebra I Keystone

  1. Most improved: Martin Luther King (proficiency: 15.9%, increase of 13.7 percentage points), Philadelphia Virtual Academy (proficiency: 35.7%, increase of 11.7 points), Strawberry Mansion (proficiency: 13%, increase of 10.6 points).

  2. Highest in proficiency: Academy at Palumbo (proficiency: 72.7%); Central (proficiency: 88.2%); Masterman (proficiency: 100%).

Literature Keystone

  1. Most improved: Kensington (proficiency: 38.5%, increase of 29.2 percentage points), Lankenau (proficiency: 74.7%, increase of 27.6 points), Overbrook (proficiency: 38.3%, increase of 8.5 points).

  2. Highest in proficiency: Central (proficiency: 98.4%); Masterman (proficiency: 100%); Science Leadership Academy (proficiency: 96.7%).

NOCTI (career and technical education exam)

  1. Most improved: Lincoln (proficiency: 52.4%, increase of 14.8 percentage points), Parkway West (proficiency: 93.8%, increase of 18 points), West Philadelphia (proficiency: 20%, increase of 15.4 points).

  2. Highest in proficiency: Franklin Learning Center (proficiency: 84.9%); George Washington (proficiency: 90.9%); Parkway West (proficiency: 93.8%).

Student Attendance

  1. Most improved: Fitler (attendance of 74.4% of students for 90% or more instructional days, increase of 21.8 percentage points), Richard R. Wright (attendance of 46.7%, increase of 21.6%), W.D. Kelley (attendance of 66.3%, increase of 21.1 points).

  2. Highest: Penn Alexander (attendance of 96.6%).

Teacher Attendance

  1. Most improved: J.H. Brown (attendance of 77.4% of teachers for 90% of work days, increase of 32.6 points), Bethune (attendance of 92.1%, increase of 38.4 points), Clemente (attendance of 70.6%, increase of 39.3 points).

  2. Highest: J.H. Brown (attendance of 77.4%); Parkway Center City Middle College (attendance of 100%); Girard (attendance of 100%); The Workshop School (attendance of 100%).

Graduation and Dropout Reduction

  1. Largest dropout reduction: Frankford (92 students initially enrolled who did not transfer or graduate, a reduction of 87 students).

  2. Highest four-year graduation rate: Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush (100%); Carver Engineering and Science (100%); Girard Academic Music Program (100%); Lankenau (100%); Parkway Northwest (100%).