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### Maximizing Students’ Potential: The British School Yangon’s Commitment to Empowering Success

Yubin Chang’s endeavors at BSY have propelled her to various destinations. She has attended a BSY Student Leader Conference in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, embarked on a Duke of Edinburgh expedition, and partook in activities in New York.

Chang cherishes these journeys and escapades, finding them truly inspiring and motivational as a Year 12 student. Once reserved, Chang now exudes confidence in venturing beyond her comfort zone to interact with individuals from diverse communities. “Meeting people from around the globe with unique backgrounds and interests, coming together to exchange ideas and viewpoints, has been an enriching experience,” expresses Chang. She attributes these opportunities to BSY, which fosters exploration across different fields to help students discover their passions.

Empowering students is a cornerstone of the school’s ethos.

As a member of the NAE family, BSY embraces a comprehensive approach to education, ensuring that each student’s potential is met with unwavering support and guidance.

BSY’s faculty leverages their expertise to deliver top-notch international education, continuously enhancing their skills to cater to students of all levels effectively. This proficiency is particularly advantageous in small class settings, maintaining a remarkable 7:1 student-to-teacher ratio.

Noteworthy achievements include eight out of 10 IGCSE students securing A+ or B grades and seven out of 10 students in the inaugural graduating class earning A+ or A grades at A Level. Source: The British School Yangon

For Chang, who joined BSY in Year 8, the school’s staff and fellow students played pivotal roles in facilitating her transition to a new environment and curriculum. Having relocated from Cambodia to Myanmar and transitioning from an International Baccalaureate curriculum to the English National Curriculum, Chang found unparalleled support and care at BSY, enabling her to thrive and feel at ease.

BSY’s standout features extend beyond academic excellence, as evidenced by the array of facilities catering to creative and athletic pursuits. The well-equipped campus provides ample opportunities for students to explore diverse interests, fostering friendships and individual growth.

The BSY community thrives on collaboration and camaraderie, with students across different year levels engaging in various leadership roles and communal activities. Chang, as a Senior Leader for BSY’s Social Impact Council, collaborates with a Junior Leader in Year 8, exemplifying the spirit of mentorship and teamwork that permeates the school.

Through strategic partnerships with esteemed organizations like MIT and UNICEF, BSY students partake in global initiatives and immersive experiences, forging bonds with peers from NAE schools worldwide. These ventures, from skiing in the Swiss Alps to scaling Mount Kilimanjaro, epitomize the spirit of exploration, learning, and global citizenship that defines BSY.

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