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### Top Law Schools for Diversity in 2023: Enhancing Inclusivity and Representation

Law schools have made concerted efforts to attract a diverse student body and faculty. Despite the Supreme Court’s prohibition of affirmative action in higher education, there has been a notable increase in the enrollment of students identifying as people of color. Additionally, there has been a rise in the representation of individuals of color among law school deans and faculty members. This shift reflects a commitment to inclusivity and diversity within legal academia.

For individuals of color seeking a law school that values their identity and contributions authentically, rather than merely using diversity as a marketing tool, a recent ranking by the National Jurist’s preLaw magazine offers valuable insights. The ranking highlights the top law schools in the United States for African American, Asian, Hispanic, and Native American students. The selection criteria encompass the percentage of minority students, minority professors, and the availability of diversity support services at each institution.

Here are the leading law schools for each major minority category:

Black Students

  1. Howard University
  2. North Carolina Central University
  3. Southern University Law Center
  4. Texas Southern University
  5. Florida A&M University

Asian Students

  1. UC Irvine
  2. CUNY School of Law
  3. McGeorge School of Law
  4. USC Gould
  5. UC Davis

Hispanic Students

  1. Texas Southern University
  2. CUNY School of Law
  3. University of New Mexico
  4. California Western School of Law
  5. McGeorge School of Law

Native American Students

  1. University of Arizona
  2. North Carolina Central University
  3. University of New Mexico
  4. University of Tulsa
  5. Mitchell Hamline School of Law

Congratulations to the recognized law schools and their diverse student bodies for their commitment to fostering inclusivity and representation in legal education.

For the complete rankings, please refer to the official publication by preLaw magazine.

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