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### Join Our Latest Online Learning Ranking Event

Universities are encouraged to participate in [ppp1].

As the number of institutions offering online higher education continues to grow, THE is introducing a comprehensive ranking system to facilitate the evaluation of universities that offer online degree programs for the first time.

Universities that deliver online undergraduate, master’s, or PhD courses are eligible to join the ranking. To participate, they must conduct a survey among their students and obtain a minimum of 50 responses by April 12th. Additionally, they are required to submit data through an online portal, which will be accessible from April 2nd to June 14th.

The ranking methodology will encompass four key pillars:

  • Resource: This pillar evaluates the allocation of resources towards online learning, including personnel, financial investments, training, and support.
  • Engagement: This pillar focuses on the students’ learning experience, including their interaction levels with instructors and peers, as well as online-specific aspects like user-friendliness and accessibility.
  • Outcomes: This pillar assesses the students’ progress rates and likelihood of recommending the institution.
  • Environment: This pillar evaluates both the physical infrastructure, such as technology support and offline resources, and the social dynamics, such as the diversity among students and faculty.

Since this is the inaugural release of the Online Learning Rankings, a detailed methodology will be finalized once THE has evaluated the quality and comprehensiveness of the collected data.

The publication of the ranking is scheduled for late 2024.

For any inquiries, please contact [ppp2].