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Tates Creek Campuses Showcase IB Programmes

Immersive experiences, in-depth service projects, and broad academic achievements are part of everyday life for students in the International Baccalaureate Programmes (IB) at Tates Creek middle and high schools. And every spring, they share some highlights through the IB Showcase.

On Thursday’s tour for district leaders and invited guests, a handful of eighth graders fanned out in the library to review their community projects and describe how they hope to make a difference. Families would get involved through the Night of Service, taking a turn with outdoor work, food parcels, and other tasks planned by their children. The overview at Tates Creek Middle also included a peek into the Ag Club, whose members plan to nurture edibles in a new greenhouse and pursue a city permit to house farm animals on campus. In addition, visitors heard from the theater teacher about interdisciplinary efforts that meld drama with history and debate, marketing with science, and more.

“We get a different kind of learning that engages us in various ways. There are so many resources to help you become a better person,” said eighth grader Reese Carpenter. “Also, the community here is just fantastic!”

As the showcase continued at the high school campus, guests meandered through the cafeteria to view project boards and chat informally with the teens about their studies. Other accomplishments were on display as well – showing how IB students excel not only in the classroom but also in athletics and music. After a brief Q&A in the orchestra room, visitors enjoyed a snippet from the middle and high school collaborative production of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” which runs through April 28.

While all TCMS students participate in IB’s Middle Years Programme, they have a choice of whether to continue with the IB Diploma Programme in high school. This college-prep track includes four years of an international language and college-level courses taught to international standards, with an Extended Essay project and required extracurricular and service experience. While it is a rigorous path, participating TCHS students indicated it is worth the effort.

“IB is challenging, and it really prepares you for college,” said Jonathan Perez, a junior. “It really pushes you, and it’ll help me get closer to my goals.”