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### Reforming Education and Combating Child Labor: Student Parliament’s Agenda in Kochi

Suhana Muhammed, a student in the eleventh grade at Perumbavoor Girls School, took on the role of speaker during the student parliament organized by the Ernakulam center of the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) at Pappan Chettan hall in the city last Saturday. Expressing her thoughts on the experience, she mentioned, “My responsibility involved maintaining order in the parliament, and I believe I fulfilled my duties effectively.”

Muhammed was among the 500 students from different schools in the district who participated in the parliament session. The CWC officials stated that the purpose of the event was to promote awareness about democratic principles and parliamentary procedures among the upcoming electorate.

The discussions during the simulated parliament session primarily revolved around student-centric issues such as mid-day meals, child labor, and educational reforms. The CWC officials provided the students with a brief orientation on parliamentary protocols.

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President Droupadi Murmu, in her inaugural address at the new Parliament building, expressed optimism for constructive deliberations on policies and commended the government’s significant initiatives. She specifically highlighted the construction of the Ram temple as a monumental achievement and referenced the revocation of Article 370.

In a separate incident, five out of the six individuals apprehended in connection with the breach of security at the Parliament alleged mistreatment by the Delhi police to coerce false confessions regarding their affiliation with opposition parties. The accused claimed they were pressured into signing blank documents, admitting to crimes they did not commit, and falsely associating themselves with national political groups. Additionally, they reported unauthorized procedures involving the submission of biometric data and the activation of SIM cards.