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### Diverse Lineup for State of the State: Educators, Wrangell Mayor, and Corn Farmer

JUNEAU, Alaska (KTUU) – Governor Mike Dunleavy delivered his sixth State of the State address on Tuesday night, outlining a comprehensive vision for Alaska that encompasses education reform, energy cost reduction, and public safety, all aligned with the state motto: North to the Future.

In his approximately 50-minute speech, Governor Dunleavy emphasized the discrepancy between the aspirational theme of “North to the Future” and the existing laws, regulations, practices, and attitudes in Alaska.

While there have been calls from lawmakers and the public to increase per-student funding, known as the Base Student Allocation (BSA), Governor Dunleavy expressed a different perspective. He criticized the singular focus on increasing the BSA, stating that this approach has overshadowed discussions on other crucial matters.

As part of a broader education reform initiative, the House Majority has proposed a \(300 increase in the BSA. Conversely, some members of the House Minority and Senate Majority, along with segments of the public school community, advocate for a more substantial raise of \)1,400 per student.

Governor Dunleavy stressed the need to shift the conversation beyond just financial considerations, highlighting the importance of improving educational outcomes through comprehensive strategies.

Furthermore, the Governor voiced his backing for a bill aimed at incentivizing teacher retention and recruitment through bonuses. He made a direct appeal to educators, outlining the financial incentives available for those teaching in different regions of Alaska.

While not directly addressing the House education package’s provision for state school board approval of charter schools, Governor Dunleavy expressed his enthusiasm for charter school models like the Alaska Native Cultural Charter School in Anchorage. He emphasized the significance of creating conducive learning environments that prioritize student-teacher relationships and individual value.

Following the address, Senate President Gary Stevens and Representative Jamie Allard shared their perspectives on the education reform proposals, indicating varying viewpoints within the legislative bodies.

Governor Dunleavy also highlighted the achievements and stories of six distinguished guests during his speech, recognizing their contributions to the community.

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