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### Foundation Awards Scholarships to Eight WVU Graduate Students for Research Support

Eight graduate students from various parts of the United States and beyond are actively involved in valuable research endeavors as they work towards completing their academic programs with the assistance of scholarships.

The WVU Foundation has announced the recipients of prestigious scholarships, with four doctoral students and four master’s students being selected for the awards. These scholarships play a vital role in helping students manage expenses and progress towards the completion of their theses or dissertations.

Recipients of the WVU Foundation Distinguished Doctoral Scholarship

Cheryl Brandmeir, a native of Severna Park, Maryland, is pursuing a doctorate in pathophysiology, rehabilitation, and performance at the institution. She expressed gratitude for the scholarship, emphasizing its significance in advancing her research on gait dysfunction in individuals with Parkinson’s disease. Brandmeir aims to enhance evidence-based rehabilitation practices, ultimately contributing to the well-being of those affected by the condition.

Megan Hut, an international student from Tiel, the Netherlands, is working towards a doctoral degree in educational theory and practice. She values the award for recognizing the importance of educational research in preparing future educators committed to promoting social justice and equitable learning opportunities.

Kent Marshall, hailing from Saint Albans, is enrolled in the dual MD/PhD program at the School of Medicine, focusing on clinical and translational science. Marshall highlighted the award’s role in supporting biomedical sciences, young researchers, and cancer studies at the university, enabling him to pursue cutting-edge methods in his research.

Tobi Ore, an international student from Ekiti, Nigeria, is dedicated to a doctorate in geology, concentrating on advancing machine learning-aided seismic interpretation for subsurface characterization. The scholarship holds immense value for Ore, facilitating the completion of his research aimed at improving subsurface characterization techniques for sustainable energy solutions.

Recipients of the Carl del Signore Foundation Scholarship

Connor Lambert, from South Royalton, Vermont, is pursuing a master’s degree in psychology with a specialization in behavioral analysis. Lambert plans to utilize the award to support his research on pathological gambling disorder and enhance his academic pursuits in the field.

Lacey Leatherland, a native of Olathe, Kansas, is completing her master’s degree in forensic and investigative science. The scholarship has enabled her to present her research on the forensic examination of electrical tapes at conferences, contributing to the development of forensic examination protocols.

Eden Nitza, from Fort Wayne, Indiana, is dedicated to a master’s degree in wildlife and fisheries resources. The scholarship has allowed Nitza to focus on data analysis and writing for her thesis on river otter diet and population genomics.

Abigail Wellings, originating from Frostburg, Maryland, is pursuing a master’s degree in counseling with a focus on clinical mental health. Wellings aims to investigate suicidal ideation among first-generation college students, with the scholarship easing financial burdens and supporting her academic endeavors.

For further details on WVU Foundation graduate scholarships, individuals can reach out to Jessica Queener, the assistant provost for graduate education policy.

The scholarships are funded through the WVU Foundation, a nonprofit organization that manages private donations for the University.


Cassie Rice
Senior Communications Specialist
WVU Foundation

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