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### Explore a New Minor in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning this Summer

The suggestion to introduce a minor in AI and ML for biomedical engineering students at Georgia Tech originated from leaders and external advisory board members within the department. The Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies emphasized the importance of integrating AI into the curriculum to enhance students’ competitiveness in both industry and further education.

Collaborating with the College’s Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, the program was developed to provide a comprehensive understanding of both the technical applications and policy implications of AI. The emphasis was on utilizing AI and machine learning models to address complex global challenges while considering the ethical dimensions of these technologies.

The minor requires students to complete three core courses, including a philosophy course focusing on AI ethics and policy, along with two elective courses. Engineering disciplines across six schools within the College offer courses ranging from robotics to biomedical AI and signal processing.

In addition to engineering courses, the program includes interdisciplinary courses offered by the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts, covering topics such as machine learning for economics, language and computers, race and gender in digital media, and public policy.

New courses were developed specifically for the minor, with plans to expand the course offerings further based on the positive reception from other colleges and schools within Georgia Tech. The initiative aims to enhance the educational experience of undergraduate students, equipping them with the skills needed to succeed in various fields, including entrepreneurship and device creation. The inclusive structure of the minor encourages collaboration across disciplines on campus, fostering a dynamic learning environment for all participants.