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### Enhancing French School Education: Professor Detey’s Keynote on Leveraging Plurilingualism

On March 27, 2024, Professor Detey delivered a keynote address at a workshop hosted by the Canopé Network, which serves as the teachers’ training arm of the French Ministry of Education. The workshop, focusing on Plurilingualism, Diversity, and Inclusive Schooling, was orchestrated by Clémentine Maillot. Professor Detey’s presentation, titled “Plurilinguisme en classe : une chance pour repenser l’apprentissage du français” (Plurilingualism in class: an opportunity to reconsider the teaching of L1 French in primary and junior high schools), drew an audience of approximately 280 educators. Following the keynote speech, a round table session was conducted to delve deeper into the themes explored by Professor Detey, including the role of language as a conduit for shared culture through sociolinguistic frameworks.