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### Top 10 Schools in the Balearic Islands: A Ranking of the Finest Educational Institutions

April is a significant month for parents, as many undergo the enrollment procedure for their children. It is crucial to be familiar with the educational institution where you wish to enroll your children. ‘Mi Cole,’ a search engine, has curated a list of the top-rated public, private, and subsidized schools in the Balearic Islands, as well as the best-rated secondary schools. This article presents two rankings featuring the top 10 institutions in each educational category.

Leading the list of schools is Col-legi Sant Pere, a state-subsidized facility offering education from nursery to vocational training in Palma with Catalan as the primary language of instruction. Remarkably, it holds the 23rd spot among the top 100 schools in Spain. Following closely is Colegio Institució Mallorca Aixa-Llaüt, a state-subsidized school providing education from infant to baccalaureate levels in the Balearic capital. While currently religious and gender-specific, it will transition away from these distinctions by September 2024, with Spanish as the language of instruction.

Securing the third position is Madre Alberta, a Palma-based institution offering education from nursery to baccalaureate levels. Known for its active and innovative teaching methodologies, it stands out for its trilingual approach, utilizing Spanish, English, and Catalan as vehicular languages. These three schools are highly regarded by families across Spain.

In the realm of public education, Santa Isabel claims the 23rd spot, offering infant and primary education in Palma. Noteworthy for its bilingual program, it instructs in Spanish and Catalan.

The Finest Educational Establishments in the Balearic Islands

Premier Secondary Schools in the Balearic Islands

Topping the list of secondary schools is the ADEMA Vocational Training Centre, a private institution in Palma specializing in vocational education with Catalan as the language of instruction. Following closely is the Guillem Sagrera Institute, a public school in Palma providing secondary, baccalaureate, and vocational training. Secular and co-educational, it employs Catalan as the language of instruction.

Top 10 Highly Rated Secondary Schools in the Balearics

Securing the third position is the Instituto Escola De Dansa Francisca Tomás, a private vocational training center in the Balearic capital. Like its counterparts, it is secular, co-educational, and utilizes Catalan as the language of instruction. Refer to the table above for the top ten secondary education, baccalaureate, and vocational training centers in the Islands, as per ‘Mi Cole’.