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### Seton Hall’s Stillman School Ranks Among Top Undergraduate Programs by Poets&Quants

Jubilee Hall, the residence of the Stillman School of Business, was once again acknowledged in Poets&Quants.

As highlighted by Poets&Quants, the schools featured in its rankings represent the top 12% of over 840 business schools accredited by AACSB International, the primary accrediting body for business education.

This year, 91 schools were recognized in the list of Best Business Schools, with Seton Hall securing an overall ranking of 61 out of these 91 institutions.

Stillman at the Forefront of Business Education

The authors of the ranking emphasized that the schools listed as Best Undergraduate Business Schools are at the forefront of business education, providing a transformative learning experience for students, shaping their identities and capabilities.

Seton Hall’s Stillman School of Business earned its position within the top 12% by being included in the list, with a ranking of 61, placing it among the top 7% nationally.

“We are delighted to once again receive recognition from Poets&Quants as one of the top business schools in the country,” expressed the Dean of Stillman School of Business. “We are particularly proud of the Academic Experience metrics in this ranking, which reflect the success of our alumni—a testament to the value of a Seton Hall degree.”

Methodology Insights

According to Poets&Quants, the undergraduate business school ranking is based on three key categories that best evaluate the undergraduate business school experience: Admissions Standards, Academic Experience, and Career Outcomes. Each category holds equal weight in the final score.

Performance Overview

Reflecting its overall score, Seton Hall secured the 61st position for Career Outcomes, with a significant percentage of students engaging in business-specific internships before graduation and a high rate of securing full-time jobs within three months post-graduation. In terms of Admissions Standards, the school ranked 67th, with minor fluctuations in SAT scores and Admission Rate.

Academic Experience Excellence

The Stillman School excelled in Academic Experience, ranking 35th nationwide. This ranking, solely based on feedback from recent alumni, reflects their experiences and satisfaction with the program.

Alumni Insights

Alumni feedback plays a crucial role in evaluating the academic and career advising services offered by the school. Stillman’s ranking at No. 12 underscores the effectiveness of its academic and career advising, surpassing renowned institutions like Notre Dame and Wharton.

For more details on the School’s ranking, refer to the link provided. Additional information on the ranking methodology can be accessed through the provided link.