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### Mother Addresses Son’s Alleged Assault at Lake Taylor High School

Norfolk authorities have reported that four adolescents are being charged in connection with an alleged assault that took place at Lake Taylor High School on February 6.

In Norfolk, Virginia, a mother has come forward to share her account after asserting that her teenage son was assaulted at a high school the previous month.

The Norfolk Police Department (NPD) has disclosed that four teenagers are now confronting charges stemming from an incident on February 6, where a 15-year-old boy sustained minor injuries during a confrontation at the school.

Despite the police report, Ronnette Barnes disclosed to 13News Now that the altercation resulted in her son experiencing vision impairment.

Describing the incident, Barnes stated, “Kicked him, stomped him, everything, all in his head and all in his face. I took him to the hospital. He has damage in the back of his retina.”

Barnes emphasized that her son, a freshman, is prone to epileptic seizures, heightening her concern for his well-being following the attack.

Expressing her distress, she shared, “My son is epileptic. Any blow to his head or anything like that can trigger a really bad seizure.”

In response to the situation, a spokesperson for the school district issued a statement to 13News Now affirming their commitment to fostering a secure and supportive environment for all students while refraining from commenting on individual student cases.

Barnes revealed that her son has refrained from returning to school since the incident, expressing deep reservations about his safety and well-being in that environment.

She articulated, “He does not feel safe at that school. I do not even feel safe with him going back to that school. When my son leaves home, I expect him to go into an environment where I don’t have to worry about him until he comes back home.”

According to Norfolk Police, the individuals charged include three 15-year-old boys and one 14-year-old boy, all facing allegations of malicious wounding and assault by mob.

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