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### Top-Rated Calgary Schools in Fraser Institute Rankings

The Fraser Institute has evaluated all schools in Alberta, with some Calgary schools standing out for their exceptional performance.

School rankings are determined by factors like average diploma exam scores, diploma completion rates, and gender-based variations in English and math grades.

In the realm of secondary education, Calgary French & International and Webber Academy secured perfect scores of 10, while FFCA Charter School and Rundle College achieved impressive ratings of nine out of 10.

Noteworthy public secondary institutions in Calgary include Springbank, Western, Sir Winston Churchill, Ernest Manning, Henry Wisewood, and Dr. E.P. Scarlett, boasting average exam scores ranging from the high 60s to low 70s, along with diploma completion rates exceeding 90 percent.

Conversely, Edge ranks among the lowest-performing secondary schools in Calgary, emphasizing athletic development with an average exam score of 57 percent. Despite this, the school maintains a commendable diploma completion rate of 85.5 percent.

Additional lower-ranked secondary schools in Calgary encompass James Fowler, Forest Lawn, and Bishop Grandin, showcasing average exam scores in the low 60s.

In the elementary school category, Sunalta School shines with a perfect 10 out of 10 rating, while Louis Riel and Dr. Roberta Bondar receive accolades with ratings of nine and 8.6, respectively.

The institute advises parents against solely prioritizing academic performance when selecting a high school for their children, highlighting the importance of considering factors beyond rankings, such as program offerings.