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### Miami Wardogs Compete in Race for Top High School Mascot Voting

Miami, located in the Midwest region, holds the 10th seed position in the competition.

Based in Miami, Oklahoma, the Miami Wardogs are striving to claim the title of the top high school mascot across the nation.

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The current matchup in Round 1 features Miami pitted against Taylorsville, Mississippi.

As the 10th seed, Miami is challenging the 7th-seeded Taylorsville Tartars from Mississippi in a bid to progress to the next stage. The victor will then face off against either the Omaha Benson Mighty Bunnies from Nebraska or the Alamosa Mean Moose from Colorado.

For further details on this NCAA Tournament-style contest aimed at determining the premier high school mascot, visit the provided link.

The inception of the Wardog mascot traces back to the early 1900s, as documented on the school’s official website. The moniker ‘Wardog’ emerged from the local mining community, where miners commonly identified themselves as ‘Wardogs’ due to their unwavering dedication and toughness.

Voting for this particular matchup will close on Wednesday, March 20, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time.