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### Amplifying Messages: The Power of Actions

By Bridget Smith

Updated: 2 minutes ago Published: 2 minutes ago

Despite expressing support for “the basic idea of education funding reform,” Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s actions speak otherwise as he vetoed SB 140, a bipartisan bill that includes a modest Base Student Allocation increase of \(680. This amount falls significantly short of the \)1,413 repeatedly emphasized by education advocates as necessary for substantial education reform.

Essentially, Governor Dunleavy’s actions contradict his words, disregarding the voices of numerous Alaskans advocating for increased education funding. His veto undermines the desire of Alaskans for quality education for all children in the state. Despite his claims of being “pro-family,” the veto indicates a lack of genuine concern for families’ needs. Adequate funding is crucial for schools to provide the quality education that families seek for their children.

In the wise words of my grandmother, “Actions speak louder than words.”

— Bridget Smith


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