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### Advancement of AEA Reform Bill in Iowa Senate Education Subcommittee: Legislative Challenges in Iowa House

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds issued a statement on Wednesday in response to the Iowa Senate Education Subcommittee’s approval of her revised Area Education Agency (AEA) reform legislation. The governor initially presented her proposal to realign the state’s AEAs during her State of the State address earlier this year. Originally, the bill aimed to eliminate AEA services not directly linked to special education assistance and to address what the governor perceives as excessive bureaucracy in the upper echelons of the AEA. Reynolds emphasized her commitment to enhancing special education for students with disabilities in Iowa, expressing gratitude to the Senate Education subcommittee for their openness to ongoing discussions. The revised amendment incorporates input from lawmakers, parents, educators, and school administrators, ensuring that AEAs can maintain their current service offerings. Schools that value their AEA services can retain access to them. By empowering schools to manage their funding, streamlining the AEA structure, and boosting teacher salaries, more resources will be channeled into classrooms to provide every student with the high-quality education they merit. However, a related bill encountered obstacles in the House Education Subcommittee this week, indicating a challenging path ahead in the lower chamber before potentially reaching the governor’s desk.