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### Spotlight on Abi Moser: A Closer Look at a Valued Team Member

Employee Spotlight: Abi Moser’s Inspiring Journey at the University

On March 27, 2024, we delve into the remarkable narrative of Abi Moser, a dedicated individual whose evolution from a student to a teaching assistant and finally to a seasoned Blackboard support coordinator exemplifies resilience, determination, and a profound passion for empowering others.

Abi Moser’s story not only symbolizes her personal triumphs but also serves as a testament to the university’s unwavering commitment to nurturing growth and providing steadfast support to its community members.

Moser’s affiliation with the university traces back to 2001 when she commenced her academic endeavors shortly after her high school graduation, all while shouldering the responsibilities of parenthood with a three-month-old son. Balancing the demands of motherhood with her academic pursuits, Moser embarked on an extraordinary path, pursuing a dual major in communication and anthropology, complemented by a minor in Spanish. Her unwavering determination culminated in graduating cum laude in 2006. Noteworthy is her immersive experience studying abroad in Spain alongside her three-year-old son during her undergraduate studies.

Reflecting on her journey, Moser shared, “The U of A completely supported me in achieving my Spanish degree. I’d take my son to preschool every day, immersing him in Spanish words, while I delved into the depths of Spanish history in my classes.”

Post-graduation, Moser transitioned into the service industry as a server, where a communication instructor recognized her potential and encouraged her to apply for the graduate program. This pivotal moment led to Moser securing a teaching assistantship position, where her strong work ethic and pursuit of excellence shone through, despite juggling multiple service industry jobs concurrently with her graduate studies. It was during this phase that her trajectory intersected with educational technology, setting the stage for her future role as a Blackboard support specialist.

As a teaching assistant, Moser’s proactive approach and digital acumen caught the attention of Chris Bray, the Blackboard administrator, during a training session. Impressed by her insights and proactive suggestions for enhancing the training program, Bray acknowledged Moser’s early adoption of digital tools for classroom management. This recognition paved the way for Moser’s transition to the role of Blackboard support specialist before her graduation—a testament to her initiative and forward-thinking mindset.

Fast forward to 2022, Moser’s evolution from a technical expert to a strategic leader within the Blackboard support team underscores her adaptability and unwavering commitment to professional growth. In her current capacity as the university’s Blackboard support coordinator, Moser plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless access to educational resources for a vast student and faculty community, reflecting her innate passion for problem-solving and her genuine desire to effect positive change in the lives of others.

Moser reflected on this transition, stating, “Shifting from a technician to a strategic role has been a mental adjustment. I derive immense satisfaction from troubleshooting and providing Blackboard support, now not just for individuals but for my entire team, which in turn supports thousands within the university.”

Beyond her technological expertise, Moser continues to inspire as an instructor in communication, fostering students’ self-assurance and equipping them to surmount their challenges. Her commitment to lifelong learning is exemplified by her pursuit of a master’s degree in adult and lifelong learning utilizing the university’s employee tuition benefit to further enhance her ability to serve students effectively.

Moser’s impact transcends her professional sphere, extending to her personal life, where she values the university’s benefits such as flexible work arrangements and robust retirement options, providing her with the stability crucial for supporting her family. This flexibility has not only enabled her to excel in her professional endeavors but also pursue her passion for fostering dogs outside the office.

As the university undergoes the transition to Blackboard Ultra, Moser and her team are at the forefront, conducting extensive training sessions and updating numerous resources to facilitate a seamless shift. The dedication of the Blackboard Help Desk team is evident in their extended operating hours, ensuring continuous support for students and faculty alike.

“Our aim is to provide holistic support without transferring calls unnecessarily. Our team is dedicated to empathetically addressing technical issues and ensuring a smooth experience for all,” Moser affirmed.

Her advocacy for proactive assistance and a culture of continuous learning is palpable in her advice to students, urging them not to struggle alone but to seek help promptly through various channels available.

Through her unwavering dedication and resolute spirit, Abi Moser embodies the essence of excellence that defines the U of A, making her an indispensable asset to the institution and a true advocate for student success.

About the Employee Spotlight Series: The employee spotlight series sheds light on U of A faculty and staff members, showcasing their impact on campus and the broader community, while highlighting what makes the university an employer of choice for them individually. Each employee contributes significantly to advancing strategic priorities, including enhancing student success, fostering research excellence, and solidifying the university’s standing as an employer of distinction. For recommendations or inquiries regarding the employee spotlight feature, please reach out to Rachel Gerner.