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### Enhancing My Experience: The Impact of Study Abroad Midterm Socials

One of the most effective ways to connect with fellow students studying abroad is by participating in Study Abroad events, which range from the Study Abroad Boat Party during Welcome Week to the recent Midterm Social gathering. The study abroad companions I met during the initial week have remained some of my closest friends throughout my time studying in London, accompanying me on explorations of England’s architecture and palaces. I highly recommend engaging in these events to engage with peers on a similar journey, broaden your social circle, forge friendships with individuals from diverse backgrounds, and enrich your understanding of different cultures and languages.

Following a decisive vote on the activity for this year’s Study Abroad Midterm Social, Boom Battle Bar emerged as the clear winner. Initially perceived as solely an axe-throwing venue, it offered a plethora of activities that allowed for seamless transitions throughout the night.

Axe Throwing

Despite many of us being unfamiliar with the proper axe-throwing techniques, instructors were present to guide us on gripping the axe and aiming accurately. Engaging in an axe-throwing competition with our peers proved to be both enjoyable and a unique form of stress relief during the Winter Term. With impending assessments looming, the event provided a welcome break from the confines of the library, fostering team building through skill development. Despite the academic year being well underway, the opportunity to cultivate new friendships was embraced. I was pleasantly surprised to encounter other study abroad students at the event whom I had not yet met at previous social gatherings. The axe-throwing competition served as a catalyst for forming new connections.


In addition to axe throwing, participants could also test their skills in dart-throwing. These activities challenged individuals’ ability to hit targets successfully. Having experienced success in dart-throwing at a prior Economics department social event, I was eager to engage in this activity once more. The competitive environment fueled my enthusiasm, leading to the formation of new friendships with other study abroad students whom I had not previously crossed paths with due to the vastness of the school and its diverse course offerings. The Midterm Social provided a platform to interact with peers from around the globe.

Miniature Golf

Personally advocating for Swingers Crazy Golf at the Midterm Social, I was thrilled to discover the option for mini-golf at Boom Battle Bar. Taking the lead, I initiated a round of mini-golf, overseeing the scoring and navigating through the various obstacle courses. To ensure everyone had a chance to participate, I promptly informed others of the open course and assisted in organizing the equipment. The competitive spirit soared as nearly everyone gravitated towards the golf course, fueled by the promise of a complimentary drink for the first 50 attendees. The camaraderie and encouragement displayed by all participants, even in moments of difficulty, contributed to a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.