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### U.S. News and World Report Ranks CU Denver’s Graduate Programs Higher

Focus on Workforce Development Highlighted in Education Program; Public Affairs Program Achieves Top Rank in Colorado; Part-Time MBA Program Shares Top Spot in Colorado

The latest 2024 release reveals significant advancements in the rankings of various programs at the University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver). As the sole public urban research university in Colorado, CU Denver plays a pivotal role in addressing crucial teacher shortages, fostering economic development, and nurturing the next generation of civic leaders within the community.

Recognition of CU Denver’s Commitment to Inclusive Education:

Empowering Colorado’s Educators: CU Denver has surged 13 positions, solidifying its position among the top educational institutions in Colorado and ranking within the top 100 nationally.

Dean of the School of Education & Human Development (SEHD), Dr. Marvin Lynn, expressed pride in the school’s consistent high rankings, emphasizing its dedication to impactful research and excellence in teaching. He also lauded the significant contributions of CU Denver alumni in various communities, both locally and globally.

Amidst a critical shortage of educators in Colorado and nationwide, the acclaim for SEHD’s graduate program, securing the second spot in Colorado, underscores the university’s pivotal role in addressing this pressing issue.

Excellence in Public Affairs Graduate Programs:

CU Denver’s graduate program in Public Affairs continues to excel, claiming the top position in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region, while also ranking among the top 30 programs nationwide. Specializations within the program, such as Environmental Policy and Management, Non-Profit Management, Public Management and Leadership, and Public Finance and Budgeting, have also garnered top rankings in the state.

Students, like Cameron Dexter pursuing a Dual Master of Public Administration-Master of Criminal Justice, commend the program for its supportive faculty and flexible online learning options, enabling them to pursue education while managing other commitments effectively.

Breaking Barriers with the Part-Time MBA Program:

Acknowledging the constraints faced by many students unable to engage in full-time studies, CU Denver offers a flexible Part-Time MBA program that caters to individuals balancing work and family responsibilities. Boasting a wide array of specialization choices, including in-person, hybrid, and fully online formats, the program stands tied for the top spot in Colorado and ranks among the top 50 nationally.

Insights into Ranking Methodology:

For over three decades, U.S. News has been a prominent source of educational rankings, utilizing a blend of expert opinions and statistical indicators to assess program quality based on faculty expertise, research impact, and student performance. Recent updates to the ranking methodologies aim to provide a more comprehensive evaluation. Schools or programs listed as unranked indicate a lack of adequate statistical data provided to U.S. News for numerical ranking.