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### Enhancing STEM Doctoral Education Funding Secured by CU Boulder

The University of Colorado Boulder has been selected as one of the recipients of grants from the Sloan Centers for Systemic Change initiative and the National Science Foundation. These grants are aimed at enhancing equity and fostering a sense of community throughout the graduate student experience.

The Sloan Foundation grant, totaling $250,000, has been allocated to the Graduate School at the University of Colorado Boulder. This funding will be utilized to enhance the existing mentoring program for both faculty and students, with the objective of promoting equity and building a stronger sense of community among graduate students.

Moreover, in addition to the financial support provided by the Sloan Foundation, each institution receiving the grant will actively participate in the Equity in Graduate Education Consortium. This collaborative network aims to equip participants with the necessary resources, research, and strategies to implement systemic changes within their respective academic environments.

Dean Scott Adler of the Graduate School expressed his enthusiasm for this initiative, emphasizing the importance of improving graduate mentoring practices and fostering inclusivity. The grant will enable the Graduate School to engage faculty members in enhancing mentorship, provide departmental support for systemic changes, expand inclusive mentoring programs, and facilitate community-building activities among graduate students.

The ultimate goal of these grants is to transform STEM doctoral programs by ensuring the success and well-being of every student. By creating synergies between mentoring initiatives and efforts to enhance diversity within graduate programs, the University of Colorado Boulder aims to become a national leader in reshaping graduate education in STEM fields.

The National Science Foundation has also recognized the Graduate School at the University of Colorado Boulder with a $45,000 grant. This funding will support an examination of trends in graduate student admissions for both domestic and international applicants, with a focus on cultivating a diverse scientific workforce.

These grants underscore the commitment of the Graduate School to fostering inclusivity and innovation, creating a supportive and diverse academic community for all individuals involved in graduate education.