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### Enhancing Government School Education System: Madad Ali Sindhi’s Urgent Call

Caretaker Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training Madad Ali Sindh emphasized the importance of implementing structural reforms to uphold the standard of education based on merit and enhancing the current government school system for sustainable economic development in Islamabad.

In an interview with PTV news channel, he highlighted the necessity of overhauling the education system to equip students to tackle the challenges of the new century while preserving Pakistani values. He commended the caretaker government’s swift and diligent efforts in prioritizing the reform agenda for education within a limited timeframe. Madad Ali Sindh urged political parties to prioritize education reform in their election manifestos, focusing on delivering quality education in government schools that is accessible to all.

He stressed the significance of policymakers and the future government ensuring that every child has access to comprehensive and quality education in government institutions. The Minister advocated for collaboration between the government, academia, and industry to enforce rigorous academic standards and develop essential infrastructure. Addressing concerns regarding social and gender discrimination, he called for a shift in societal attitudes.

Madad Ali Sindh mentioned that the caretaker government undertook significant measures to enhance the education system in the public sector, including personally engaging with provincial ministers to enroll out-of-school children.