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### A Fresh Perspective on Overseas Education

Nithya Borra (left) had the opportunity to engage with a variety of cultures during her internship in Singapore.

Eckerle is optimistic that his internship experience will enhance his prospects of securing a job in the region in the future. He emphasized that even for those not inclined to work overseas, the skills gained from studying abroad are invaluable. He highlighted the ability to collaborate effectively within international teams.

Kamryn Cochran, a student majoring in finance and political science, found the interpersonal skills she developed while working for a nonprofit in Singapore to be particularly valuable. She also appreciated the insights gained into different political and social systems. Cochran pointed out that the practices of businesses in the U.S. may not directly apply to international settings.

Reflecting on her time in Singapore, she remarked, “Being in Singapore provided me with a deeper insight into various cultural distinctions.”

Singapore, known for its diverse population, offered students the chance to interact with individuals from a wide array of nationalities.

Borra, who interned at a multinational company specializing in certifying green buildings, shared, “I had the opportunity to collaborate with individuals from the Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and many other countries in the Southeast Asia region. They all brought unique cultural perspectives.”

Upon graduation, Borra intends to pursue a position at a New York City bank with a global workforce, where the cross-cultural skills she cultivated in Singapore will be essential for collaborating with colleagues of varying ages and backgrounds.

Anticipation Builds: Students Look Forward to the Upcoming Trip

“I’m thrilled about the internship because I believe I can apply my knowledge of marketing and advertising to real-world scenarios,” expressed Kaur. “Simply learning theories without practical application renders the knowledge futile; it’s crucial to put theory into practice.”

Hazel, who is also studying Mandarin, is attracted to Singapore as a thriving international business center. With a keen interest in history and culture, Hazel is exploring diverse career paths, viewing this experience as a valuable opportunity to explore job prospects in Asia and Australia.

“I am eager to delve into the hospitality industry from an international perspective,” Scheck shared. “Experiencing work environments in other countries is essential to understand and adapt to varying practices in my future endeavors.”

Australia has long been on Scheck’s radar, dating back to a childhood fascination sparked by a third-grade project.

Describing Sydney as a unique opportunity, she remarked, “Sydney offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

Despite feeling apprehensive about the upcoming trip, Scheck expressed confidence, drawing from past experiences such as her first-year journey to Greece.

For Kaur, the discomfort and unease of unfamiliar surroundings present an opportunity for personal growth.

“I believe that true growth occurs when you step out of your comfort zone,” she emphasized.