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**Mastering the Art of Securing Top MBA Positions: Free Webinar**

Join us for an exclusive event hosted by BusinessBecause in collaboration with CUHK Business School.

You will discover the strategies to develop a strong professional network that opens doors to endless opportunities.

Our panel of experts will explore the art of effective networking, offering valuable insights on how to leverage connections and alumni networks for your benefit. Gain firsthand knowledge from MBA faculty members and a seasoned professional on securing sought-after job roles post-MBA.

Moreover, seize the opportunity to participate in our live and interactive Q&A session. DON’T MISS out!

Webinar Details:

Date: Thursday, 07 March 2024


  • 09:00 pm Hong Kong
  • 08:00 pm Thailand
  • 06:30 pm IST
  • 01:00 pm GMT
  • 08:00 am EST

Format: 45-minute session with live Q&A

Location: Online (Zoom)


  • Shannon Cook, Senior Writer & Video Content Manager, BusinessBecause
  • Takumi Saito, MBA Alumnus (2022), Business Development Manager, Sun-up Corporation (Thailand)
  • Albert Yip, Manager, MBA Marketing & Admissions, CUHK Business School

Student Reviews

One of a kind
I pursued Bioinformatics at CUHK, the sole Master’s degree in this field in Hong Kong. This program honed my analytical skills, preparing me effectively for a career as a Bioinformatician. The diverse international classmates enriched my experience, making this degree program a valuable choice for those looking to enhance their profile.

General Education Courses, Unique College System, Large Campus
CUHK promotes multidimensional and interdisciplinary learning. The social science faculty encourages students to take courses from various departments, fostering a holistic educational experience. General education courses enhance critical thinking and humanistic sensibilities. The broad-based program in social science is highly recommended, with responsible and knowledgeable professors.

The Faculty of Law offers a unique LLM program that does not require an LLB degree for enrollment. The program is well-suited for mature students seeking legal knowledge. CUHK boasts excellent teaching staff, providing a conducive learning environment.

Amazing Campus and Great Educational Environment
CUHK’s main campus is not only stunning but also offers a conducive educational setting. The university is equipped with modern facilities, including multiple specialized libraries. The college system enhances the university experience by facilitating interactions among students from diverse backgrounds.

CUHK provides a down-to-earth atmosphere, offering a unique opportunity to immerse in the local culture. The beautiful hillside campus and supportive environment contribute to a memorable academic journey.

Innovative and Supportive
CUHK offers comprehensive support and encourages students to stay updated with global developments. The university fosters a culture of excellence and takes pride in students’ achievements, providing a rewarding academic experience.

Small, New But Friendly Law School
CUHK’s expansive and picturesque campus provides an ideal setting for learning. The Faculty of Law offers a wide range of courses and international programs, enriching students’ academic pursuits. The career support, including mentorship and practical advice, is commendable. The friendly and collaborative environment fosters positive competition and personal growth.

A Place to Explore Your Interests
CUHK offers ample opportunities to explore diverse interests through a variety of elective courses. The language and law electives, along with extracurricular activities like moot competitions, broaden students’ horizons. While GPA calculation transparency may be a concern, the school’s offerings and experiences are highly valued by students.

Valuable Time in CUHK
The serene environment and diverse community at CUHK create a conducive learning atmosphere. Surrounded by nature, the campus provides a perfect blend of tranquility and academic vibrancy, offering students a well-rounded university experience.