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### Embracing Dreams: Marriage, Education, and Barefoot Bliss in Tahiti

Twenty-four in 2024 is a series that delves into the lives, aspirations, and concerns of 24-year-olds worldwide amidst a backdrop of election ambiguity, strife, and environmental shifts.

Where is Your Home?

Originally from Papara, situated on the verdant island of Tahiti in French Polynesia, I find solace in its perpetual rainfall. Despite the constant downpour, Papara’s cooler climate distinguishes it from other regions on the island, painting it in lush shades of green. My abode is shared with my parents and my 9-year-old handicapped sister, adding a touch of chaos to our daily routine. While my 18-year-old sister resides elsewhere, my affection for both siblings sometimes remains unspoken.

What is Your Occupation?

My role as a stocker at the distribution center affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Papeete involves replenishing shelves and overseeing inventory management. The commute spans an hour, prompting me to embark at 4 am to evade traffic congestion. However, my true passion lies in art, particularly drawing, a skill I’ve honed since childhood. Since 2018, I’ve been captivated by manga artistry, gradually adopting its distinctive style.

24-year-old Wilson Piritauarii Tuhiti Poareu, who lives in Papara, a district on the island of Tahiti in French Polynesia.

Which Applications Do You Utilize?

Frequently engaging with peers and groups, I heavily rely on Facebook Messenger for communication, a prevalent choice among Tahitian youth. Additionally, I derive enjoyment from Instagram, particularly indulging in Reels—a pastime that effortlessly consumes time.

What Melodies Resonate with You?

Embracing my Polynesian heritage, I cherish local tunes, especially compositions by Tahitian artists like Angelo Barthelemy. Instrumental pieces also captivate me, with Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” holding a special place in my heart, evoking a sense of tranquility.

What Gastronomic Delights Satisfy You?

In Polynesia, fish stands as a dietary cornerstone, complemented by occasional indulgences in raw fish or fafaru—a delicacy comprising large pieces of raw tuna fermented in seawater. Despite its pungent aroma, fafaru’s exquisite taste eclipses its scent. However, my ultimate culinary delight remains sushi, an unrivaled culinary passion.

How Do You Socialize?

Primarily interacting with neighbors, socialization revolves around local community members who occasionally convene for amiable conversations, a gesture I never decline.

Wilson Piritauarii Tuhiti Poareu relaxes by drawing.

What Fashion Choices Define You?

Given Tahiti’s sweltering climate, my attire invariably comprises casual ensembles—T-shirts paired with shorts, a sartorial selection tailored for the perpetual heat that renders footwear optional.

Walk Us Through Your Saturday Routine

Savoring a leisurely start to the weekend, my family and I relish a well-deserved lie-in, counterbalancing our early weekday wake-up calls. A typical Polynesian breakfast of hot chocolate, fresh baguette, and butter sets the tone for the day, followed by a collective effort in household chores, including cleaning, laundry, and car maintenance. Recently, my Saturdays have been punctuated by choir rehearsals at the church, a commitment as a member of the young adult choir.

What Are Your Aspirations?

Dreaming of homeownership and occupational stability, I aspire to navigate the exorbitant cost of living in French Polynesia, nestled amidst the vast Pacific Ocean. My goal is to establish financial independence to support a future household and family.

How Do You Unwind?

Drawing and singing serve as therapeutic outlets, with singing emerging as a newfound passion. Yet, the tranquility of nature remains my ultimate source of relaxation.

What Are Your Apprehensions?

Navigating uncertainties surrounding self-acceptance and independence looms as a persistent fear, gradually supplanted by burgeoning confidence in my abilities. The prospect of parting ways with my cherished family also evokes trepidation, reflecting the profound familial bonds cherished in Polynesian culture.

“It rains all the time. But I love it, it’s cooler than other places in Tahiti, and it’s always green.”

What Lies Ahead?

Embarking on a journey into the realm of accounting education signifies a pivotal juncture, albeit one fraught with the challenges of reacclimating to academic life after a five-year hiatus. The pursuit of knowledge, career advancement, and self-sufficiency propels my return to the educational sphere.

Contemplations of matrimony increasingly occupy my thoughts, fueled by profound affection for my girlfriend, a steadfast companion in whom I envision a lifelong partner. While marriage may evoke apprehension in some, I view it as an enriching adventure awaiting exploration.

Envisioning 2024

The horizon of 2024 appears fraught with rapid global transformations, accentuated by escalating conflicts, economic disparities, and societal unrest. Amidst the turmoil, a glimmer of hope emerges, underscoring the transformative potential of our generation. While the trajectory of change remains uncertain, optimism prevails, fuelled by the enduring belief in a brighter tomorrow.

Inspired by my girlfriend’s wisdom, I embrace the notion that each day harbors fragments of joy and radiance, urging gratitude and a perpetual smile as beacons of positivity in an ever-evolving world.