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### Top Reasons to Contemplate Pursuing Education Overseas

Many students consider the option of studying overseas to enrich their collegiate experience. Before the onset of COVID-19, there was a consistent rise in the number of students opting for international education, with an estimated US college students studying abroad during the 2018-2019 academic year.

Studying in a foreign country offers students a chance to fully immerse themselves in a different culture while fulfilling their academic requirements. When deciding whether to pursue a study abroad program, there are several factors to take into account.


Lake Como, Italy

Italy has maintained its status as a favored study abroad location for many years. In the academic year 2021-2022, it stood as the top choice for American students seeking international education. The country’s rich religious and cultural heritage, tracing back to the Roman Empire, contributes to its appeal. Italy is globally recognized for its culinary delights and fashion industry. Its diverse landscape ranges from the Mediterranean allure of Sicily to the picturesque Tuscan vineyards and the serene shores of Lake Como embraced by the Italian Alps in the north.


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Greece, often hailed as the birthplace of Western civilization, boasts a profound ancient cultural legacy encompassing remarkable literary, philosophical, and artistic achievements. Its Mediterranean diet is renowned for its health benefits. Greece’s geographical uniqueness as a peninsula with numerous islands scattered across the Mediterranean, Aegean, and Ionian seas adds to its allure. Apart from its ancient historical sites, Greece is celebrated for its stunning beaches and charming hillside villages.

Costa Rica

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Costa Rica offers a distinctive study abroad experience with its lush jungles, vibrant rainforests, exotic wildlife, and cuisine that diverges significantly from North American and European fare.


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Ireland presents a verdant landscape adorned with historic architectural marvels such as Trinity College, alongside a plethora of castles and churches. The country’s unique cultural identity is characterized by traditional elements like bagpipes and Irish dancing.


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Japan, a captivating and dynamic nation, encompasses bustling metropolises like Tokyo as well as serene rural vistas featuring cherry blossoms and ancient temples. With its enduring royal traditions and centuries-old customs, Japan stands out as a prominent global economic center.

Semester at Sea

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Some institutions offer a distinctive “semester-at-sea” program, involving a semester-long voyage that allows students to explore multiple countries by sea, making stops at approximately ten destinations. While this option may not suit everyone, it particularly appeals to students with interests in marine science.

Safety Considerations:

Ensuring safety is paramount when traveling, especially to unfamiliar territories. It is crucial to acquaint yourself with the local area and transportation systems prior to arrival. When exploring, especially after dark, it is advisable to move in groups. Foreign students may face challenges like pickpocketing in certain regions, underscoring the importance of securing personal belongings. Familiarizing oneself with local emergency contacts is also essential.

Benefits of Studying Abroad:

Studying in a foreign land offers a unique opportunity to delve into a different culture and language of choice. Most study abroad destinations are conveniently located near major transportation hubs, facilitating travel to neighboring areas. This experience not only broadens one’s travel horizons but also fosters a profound understanding of diverse cultures, providing a global perspective and heightened awareness of international issues.