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### Analyzing Fordham University Applicants for the Class of 2028

Fordham University Attracts a Diverse and Talented Student Body from Across the Globe

Excitement is brewing at Fordham University as they eagerly anticipate the arrival of the Class of 2028!

In a recent announcement on March 15, the admissions team extended invitations to prospective students, welcoming them into the Fordham community.

The accepted students were selected from a vast pool of nearly 44,000 candidates who applied for Fordham’s full-time undergraduate programs during the 2023-2024 application cycle. Fordham stands out for its extensive applicant base, ranking as high as 15th among private colleges and universities nationwide in terms of application volume.

Dean of Undergraduate Admission, Patricia Peek, emphasized the diverse and accomplished nature of Fordham’s applicants, highlighting their leadership qualities, athletic prowess, writing skills, research capabilities, advocacy efforts, artistic talents, and more. She expressed confidence in the exceptional abilities of these candidates to thrive within the Fordham community.

National and Global Reach

Fordham’s appeal extends across all 50 states, including Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico, showcasing its nationwide popularity. While New York remains a significant source of applications, with over 13,000 submissions this year, the university has witnessed a surge in interest from states like New Jersey, California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Texas. Additionally, Fordham has experienced notable growth in applications from Puerto Rico, Illinois, and Louisiana in recent cycles.

Applicants represent a diverse array of over 9,000 high schools, encompassing public, private, and Jesuit institutions, reflecting the broad reach of Fordham’s recruitment efforts.

Global Engagement

Fordham’s global presence is underscored by applications from more than 150 countries, indicating an 8% rise in international interest. Countries such as India, Vietnam, Brazil, Ghana, and Venezuela have shown increasing enthusiasm for Fordham’s educational offerings.

The university’s commitment to fostering a diverse student body, comprising both domestic and international scholars, enriches the academic environment and promotes cross-cultural learning experiences.

Academic Excellence and Varied Interests

Prospective students have applied for nearly 70 different majors, spanning disciplines from biological sciences to journalism, finance, and theatre. A significant number of applicants, approximately 3,500, are exploring various academic paths by applying as undecided majors, allowing them to delve into diverse fields and cultivate new skills.

On average, applicants boast a high school GPA of 3.57 (equivalent to 90+ or A/A-), with many having pursued rigorous coursework such as Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and honors classes. Fordham adopts a holistic approach to application review, considering academic performance in conjunction with the student’s overall high school experience.

Rising Interest in Business Programs

While Fordham College at Rose Hill received the highest number of applications overall, the Gabelli School of Business programs at both Rose Hill and Lincoln Center, along with Fordham College at Lincoln Center, witnessed a notable uptick in application numbers.

Financial Aid Support

Amidst challenges in the financial aid application process, Fordham remains dedicated to assisting students and families navigate through these complexities. By utilizing the CSS Profile in addition to the FAFSA, the university has been able to provide preliminary financial aid offers to families. Fordham ensures that the financial aid package remains consistent with the information provided, offering support and guidance to students throughout their enrollment.

Looking Ahead

As the admission team reviews applications for the upcoming class, they are actively engaging with prospective high school juniors and sophomores to guide them through the college search process. Fordham encourages students to explore the campus, participate in tours, information sessions, and open houses to gain insights into student life and academic opportunities.

The anticipation is high as Fordham eagerly awaits the arrival of the Class of 2028 and future cohorts of Rams, welcoming them into the vibrant academic community.

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