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### Seeking Qualities: A Comprehensive Guide to What We Seek

The Potential To Exceed Expectations

Embracing our campus community entails immersing yourself in a dynamic academic environment that fosters inquisitiveness, analytical thinking, and the quest for knowledge.

As you embark on the admissions journey, you are likely pondering the unique attributes that distinguish you. Yet, if you harbor the ambition to conquer the world, you are likely in the right place. It is not solely about your offerings but also about how you can enrich a community that cherishes your individual perspective and aspirations.

Here at Syracuse University, this translates to:

Preparation and Intent

Your academic achievements play a pivotal role in our admissions evaluation, particularly your accomplishments in senior-year endeavors. Engaging in honors, advanced placement courses, and/or significant electives showcases your dedication to maximizing your collegiate experience.

Educational Background

Educational institutions vary in their curricula, grading systems, and overall standards. Your school’s profile serves as a reference point when contextualizing your course selections and grades.

Standardized Test Performance

For students applying for Fall/Spring 2024 or Spring 2025 admission, SAT/ACT scores are not mandatory. Opting not to submit test scores will not put you at a disadvantage and will not affect your eligibility for merit scholarships.

If you opt to provide your test scores, we will consider your SAT or ACT score (whichever is higher) as part of your application. If you are contemplating the Score Choice option for the SAT, please note that all your test scores will be required. This approach works to your advantage as we will assess your application using the most favorable combination of your SAT scores. Both the old and new revised SAT formats are acceptable. If you take the new revised SAT, the essay component is not obligatory. Similarly, if you take the ACT, the writing section is not required.

Syracuse University does not mandate or review SAT subject test scores.


Grades represent just one facet of our admissions evaluation. Your personal essay offers insights into your objectives, passions, experiences, and principles. While it is not obligatory, the essay presents an excellent opportunity to personalize your application further.

External Perspectives

Recommendations from your guidance counselor and an academic teacher provide admissions officers with insights into your talents, capabilities, and accomplishments. These endorsements contribute to a holistic understanding of you as a student and an individual.

Extracurricular Pursuits

The Admissions Committee assesses your extracurricular involvements, volunteer engagements, and work experiences to gauge your organizational prowess, leadership qualities, and commitment to serving others.

Unique Skills

Certain programs at Syracuse University require a demonstration of talent, such as in art and design, architecture, drama, and music. Faculty members evaluate talent, and their assessments are shared with the Admissions Committee.

Resilience and Integrity

We seek candidates who transcend academic readiness. Syracuse students are innovative, risk-taking individuals of integrity and good citizenship. You stand out as a strong contender if you empower and uplift those around you while striving for personal growth.

The Admittance Process

For the Fall 2023 semester, over 42,000 students vied for approximately 3,700 spots in the first-year class. Each college maintains specific enrollment targets. As your application and materials undergo review, challenging decisions must be made. These decisions do not always reflect your capabilities but rather the competitive nature of the process. Remember, you can designate a second-choice college for admissions, which will be considered based on availability.