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### Enhancing Maritime Education at Warsash School for the Seas and Industry

“You won’t encounter courses of this caliber just anywhere.” These words, spoken by Sven Saborowski regarding his postgraduate program in superyacht design – now transformed into the – at , ring true.

Upon discovering this program, Saborowski was immediately captivated. He reflects on his experience, stating, “The course outline offered a comprehensive exploration of various areas that piqued my interest. The integration of naval architecture, project management, and superyacht styling into a cohesive curriculum motivated me to apply without hesitation.”

Presently, Saborowski serves as a Project Engineer in Design at Meyer Werft, a shipbuilding company in Germany, specializing in yacht and cruise ship designs. His program is just one of the many master’s degrees offered by the institution, ensuring not only job security but also preparing graduates to be work-ready, world-ready, and future-ready.

Describing his educational journey, graduate Sven Saborowski emphasizes, “I had the opportunity to delve into various aspects, from the elegant aesthetics to the intricate engineering of these luxurious vessels.” Source: Warsash Maritime School, part of Solent University.

Warsash Maritime School stands out as a unique maritime training college with a legacy of over 70 years, providing top-tier education, training, and consultancy services to the maritime sector. A master’s degree from this institution holds significant value beyond a mere qualification. The industry recognizes and respects both the School’s and the University’s reputation. Graduates hailing from over 70 nations testify to the global recognition of the institution. Situated in Southampton, a vibrant port city on the south coast of the UK, the school offers an ideal environment to enhance knowledge, career prospects, and professional networks.

For numerous reasons, a Warsash Maritime School master’s degree is renowned as the pathway to a successful maritime career. This was precisely the trajectory followed by Janek Ekeli with his . Ekeli highlights the program’s emphasis on strategic and contemporary business practices, which set him apart from other new recruits. He notes, “The comprehensive understanding of the shipping market I gained enabled me to hit the ground running from day one.”

The MSc International Maritime Business is not the sole program preparing students to excel as future leaders in the maritime industry. An is also offered in collaboration with prominent maritime industry organizations. This collaboration ensures that the programs remain current, providing specialized industry knowledge and skills highly valued by the shipping and logistics sectors. Additionally, an annual maritime conference offers students the opportunity to engage with industry experts and visit key maritime organizations.

Janek Ekeli, a graduate of the MSc International Maritime Business program, shares insights. Source: Warsash Maritime School, part of Solent University.

The newest addition to the School’s academic offerings is the career-enhancing MSc Sustainable Marine Craft and Superyacht Design program. Drawing on over 55 years of experience in yacht and powercraft courses at Solent University, this program equips students with the engineering expertise required to design marine craft ranging from 24 meters to 120 meters in length. Students develop analytical, practical, and technical design skills essential for aspiring marine craft designers.

Reflecting on his educational experience, Saborowski, a recent graduate of the original superyacht design program, expresses, “The program allowed me to focus on the areas of yacht design that truly fascinated me.” He underscores the program’s comprehensive approach, covering everything from the elegant aesthetics to the technical engineering aspects of luxury vessels.

Designed for seafaring professionals aspiring to transition to shore-based management roles, the offers a customized pathway. This online program, delivered through Solent University’s virtual learning platform, caters to maritime officers and international postgraduate students who are unable to relocate to the UK for studies.

While rooted in a rich history of maritime education, these master’s programs are also informed by cutting-edge, practice-led research, addressing key industry issues such as digitalization, autonomy, and decarbonization. Prospective students are encouraged to explore how the School’s commitment to continual informs its programs.

Source: Warsash Maritime School, part of Solent University.

Ekeli’s career progression exemplifies the forward-looking nature of the MSc in International Maritime Business. Following his master’s degree, Ekeli ventured to Dubai, where he assumed the role of a bunker (marine fuel) trader for a Danish trading house. Within a year, at the age of 23, he began conducting business trips to Singapore independently. Subsequently, he relocated to the company’s New York/Connecticut office, expanding his client portfolio and gaining firsthand insights into the industry’s response to the IMO 2020 transition.

Recognizing the industry’s shift towards sustainability, Ekeli returned to Norway and founded ESG-NRG, a platform assisting maritime shipping companies in managing the EU Emission Trading System. As the CEO, Ekeli credits the University for equipping him with exceptional presentation skills, which have significantly contributed to his professional success. His ability to effectively communicate about their product proved invaluable during a maritime startup competition at the Hong Kong Maritime Week.

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