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### Vermont High School Basketball Power Rankings for Boys and Girls (Jan. 29)

Boys Basketball Power Rankings:

1. Rice Memorial High School

Record: 14-1
Previous Ranking: 1
► Despite a recent loss to Albany Academy, Rice has been on a scoring spree, averaging over 75 points in their last seven victories.

2. St. Johnsbury Academy

Record: 13-2
Previous Ranking: 2
► Harry Geng showcased his scoring prowess with impressive performances, leading his team to double-digit wins over Burlington and BFA-St. Albans.

3. Champlain Valley Union High School

Record: 12-2
Previous Ranking: 3
► CVU extended their winning streak to four games with a strong performance against Burlington, highlighted by sharpshooting from Kyle Eaton and Colby Morehouse.

4. Rutland High School

Record: 10-4
Previous Ranking: 5
► Rutland climbed a spot in the rankings following a hard-fought victory against Essex.

5. Hartford High School

Record: 13-1
Previous Ranking: 6
► Hartford’s dominant eight-game winning streak includes convincing victories over Brattleboro and Mount Anthony.

6. South Burlington High School

Record: 10-6
Previous Ranking: 4
► South Burlington faces a challenging period after a recent loss, entering an eight-day break with a three-game skid.

7. BFA-St. Albans

Record: 8-7
Previous Ranking: 7
► BFA-St. Albans had their winning streak halted in a setback against St. Johnsbury.

8. Montpelier High School

Record: 10-3
Previous Ranking: 9
► Montpelier secured key victories over rivals during a perfect 3-0 week.

9. Burlington High School

Record: 7-8
Previous Ranking: 8
► Burlington’s losing streak extended to five games with a defeat to CVU.

10. Hazen Union High School

Record: 11-2
Previous Ranking: Unranked
► Hazen Union’s strong performance earned them a spot in the top 10 after defeating Thetford.

Girls Basketball Power Rankings:

1. Champlain Valley Union High School

Record: 10-0
Previous Ranking: 1
► CVU’s dominance continued with commanding wins over Essex and BFA-St. Albans, setting the stage for a highly anticipated rematch with St. Johnsbury.

2. St. Johnsbury Academy

Record: 10-2
Previous Ranking: 2
► St. Johnsbury extended their winning streak to five games with impressive victories over BFA and Burlington.

3. Burlington High School

Record: 9-3
Previous Ranking: 3
► Burlington maintained their position after a mixed week of results.

4. North Country Union High School

Record: 10-1
Previous Ranking: 4
► Sabine Brueck led North Country to victories on the court before showcasing her talents in track and field.

5. Mount Mansfield Union High School

Record: 6-3
Previous Ranking: 5
► Mount Mansfield faces a tough test against St. Johnsbury in their upcoming game.

6. Rutland High School

Record: 9-5
Previous Ranking: 7
► Rutland’s impressive eight-game winning streak in January solidified their spot in the rankings.

7. Essex High School

Record: 8-4
Previous Ranking: 6
► Essex looks to bounce back after a tough loss to CVU.

8. West Rutland High School

Record: 12-1
Previous Ranking: Unranked
► Peyton Guay’s standout performance propelled West Rutland into the top 10.

9. Hazen Union High School

Record: 11-1
Previous Ranking: Unranked
► Hazen Union’s winning streak, led by Caitlyn Davison and Kelsie Rivard, continues to impress.

10. BFA-St. Albans

Record: 6-5
Previous Ranking: 9
► BFA-St. Albans faces a challenging period with a three-game losing streak.

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