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### Top Graduate Programs at UW–Madison Recognized in U.S. News Rankings

The University of Wisconsin–Madison campus harbors a wealth of history for those willing to explore. Photo:

In the latest 2024-25 edition of U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Graduate Schools,” the graduate programs at the University of Wisconsin–Madison have once again secured top positions nationally. Notably, the School of Education clinched the top spot overall in the country.

Charles Lee Isbell Jr., the provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs, emphasizes, “Our graduate programs have a longstanding tradition of delivering exceptional education, with our graduate students playing a pivotal role in our innovative research achievements.” He underscores that rankings serve as just one of the many indicators showcasing the institution’s numerous strengths.

Additionally, Teacher’s College at Columbia University has ascended to the top position from third overall and second among public universities last year. This marks the 11th consecutive year that it has secured a position in the top five and its debut at the pinnacle of the list.

Diana Hess, the Dean of the School of Education, expresses pride in the achievement, stating, “The recognition of our School of Education as number one underscores the groundbreaking work carried out by our esteemed faculty, staff, and students.” She highlights the diverse range of high-quality programs offered by the School of Education as a significant asset.

Among other notable rankings, Computer Science holds the 13th spot, Social Work is positioned 20th, and Public Affairs is placed 23rd.

William J. Karpus, the dean of UW–Madison’s Graduate School, affirms, “We provide our students with research opportunities and practical experiences that equip them to become leaders of thought across various fields.” He expresses satisfaction in the acknowledgment of the expertise and efforts of the faculty and staff.

While U.S. News does not rank all programs annually, interested individuals can access the most recent graduate program rankings for each department.

The rankings for UW–Madison programs this year, along with their respective specialties, are as follows:

Business: Ranked 43rd for full-time MBA, 26th for part-time MBA (an improvement from 33rd last year). Noteworthy specialties include 29th in accounting (tied with five others) and fifth in real estate (tied with another institution).

Computer Science: Secured the 13th spot overall (tied with three others). Specialized rankings include 11th in programming language (tied with two others), 23rd in artificial intelligence, 10th in systems (tied with another institution), and 19th in theory.

Education: Achieved the top position overall (tied with another institution, previously third in a three-way tie) and ranked first among public universities (previously second). Specialized rankings encompass second in curriculum and instruction (up from fourth last year), second in educational administration and supervision (up from sixth last year), seventh in education policy (tied with another institution), first in educational psychology (up from second last year), second in elementary teacher education (up from fourth last year), 13th in higher education administration, third in secondary teacher education (tied with another institution), sixth in special education (up from 10th last year), and eighth in student counseling (tied with two others).

Health Specialties: Notable rankings include 16th in audiology, listed under the University of Wisconsin AuD Consortium (Madison & Stevens Point) (tied with two others), 26th in physical therapy (tied with two others), 16th in occupational therapy (tied with two others), 9th in pharmacy (tied with two others), and 2nd in speech-language pathology (tied with another institution).

Law: Positioned 36th overall (tied with four others). Specialized rankings comprise 40th in business – corporate law (tied with another institution), 53rd in clinical training (tied with four others), 22nd in constitutional law (tied with two others), 24th in contracts – commercial law (tied with four others), 34th in criminal law (tied with eight others), 53rd in environmental law (tied with eleven others), 67th in health care law (tied with six others), 82nd in intellectual property law (tied with eight others), 51st in legal writing (tied with five others), 26th in international law (tied with two others), 40th in tax law (tied with eight others), and 90th in trial advocacy (tied with twelve others).

Nursing: Ranked 66th in schools offering a Doctor of Nursing practice degree (tied with five others).

Public Affairs: Secured the 23rd spot overall (tied with two others). Specialized rankings include fifth in social policy and 17th in public policy (tied with another institution).

Public Health: Positioned 29th overall (tied with eight others). Specialized rankings include 18th in biostatistics (tied with two others), 24th in epidemiology, and 20th in health policy and management (tied with another institution).

Social Work: Positioned 20th overall (tied with three others).

The release of rankings for Best Medical Schools, Best Engineering Schools, and Best Clinical Psychology Programs has been postponed due to queries from graduate schools under review. U.S. News remains committed to furnishing prospective students with the most accurate information and will provide updates on the timing of these rankings in due course.