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### Enhancing Bauchi’s Educational Reform with USAID’s Technical Support

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has expressed its willingness to provide Bauchi state with technical support to advance its goals in educational reform. Mariam Britel, a senior official from the organization, made this announcement during a meeting with Governor Bala Mohammed at the Government House in Bauchi.

Over the past decade, USAID has been actively engaged in key areas within Bauchi state, emphasizing the importance of assisting the state government in its current educational reform initiatives to ensure successful outcomes.

Acknowledging Governor Bala Mohammed’s steadfast dedication to educational progress within the state, the USAID representative commended the administration’s efforts and encouraged continued collaboration for future projects.

Governor Bala, in turn, recognized USAID’s contributions to Bauchi, specifically in enhancing human capital through capacity-building programs and improving educational infrastructure. He pledged to leverage the technical assistance offered by USAID to implement the recommendations outlined during the educational summit organized by his administration.

With this partnership, Bauchi state is poised to embark on the implementation phase of its educational reform agenda with the support of USAID.