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### Indian Study-Abroad Partners Enable US Universities to Verify TOEFL Scores

Accelerates Verification Process, Facilitating Quicker Admission Offer Issuance

The deadline for this initiative is 20 March 2024 6:39 PM GMT.

On 20 March 2024 at 6:39 PM GMT, Educational Testing Service (ETS), the world’s largest private non-profit organization specializing in educational testing and assessment, unveiled a strategic partnership with Career Mosaic, the leading student recruitment agency for US universities in South Asia. This collaboration entails ETS validating TOEFL scores of applicants to US universities through Career Mosaic, providing universities with authenticated scores to bolster the credibility of student applications.

According to Blerina Polovina, Director of International Admissions and Business Development at Webster University USA, the availability of verified scores will streamline the admissions process by eliminating the need for English proficiency score verification. This enhancement promises a more efficient and trustworthy experience for both students and universities.

Manisha Zaveri, Joint Managing Director of Career Mosaic, emphasized that this venture will uphold the integrity of TOEFL scores, benefiting universities and the increasing number of Indian students pursuing higher education opportunities in the USA.

This initiative is poised to instill confidence in US universities aiming to broaden their presence in the Indian educational landscape. With Indian students constituting over a quarter of the total international student body in the USA for three consecutive years, surpassing one million students, there has been a notable 35% surge from the previous year. The current academic year, 2022-23, witnessed a record high of 268,923 Indian students pursuing higher education in the USA, as reported by