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### 2024 Rankings Revealed: America’s Top Graduate Schools by US News & World Report

Texas A&M University stands out as a prominent institution in graduate education, as highlighted in the most recent rankings by U.S. News and World Report.

The university boasts an impressive array of 33 programs within the Top 50 range, encompassing diverse fields such as agriculture, business, computer science, education, health, law, political science, public affairs, psychology, science, and veterinary medicine. Notably, U.S. News revealed that the rankings for engineering, medical, and clinical psychology will experience a delay in their release.

Within the Best Graduate Schools ranking, Texas A&M University excelled with 10 graduate programs securing positions in the Top 20, with six of them achieving Top 10 status:

College of Arts and Sciences

  • Inorganic Chemistry: Ranked No. 5 (No. 2 among public institutions, No. 1 in Texas)
  • Nuclear Physics: Positioned at No. 7 (No. 6 among public institutions, No. 1 in Texas)
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Secured the 7th spot (6th among public institutions)

School of Law

  • Overall ranking at No. 26
  • Dispute Resolution: Ranked 5th (3rd among public institutions, 1st in Texas)
  • Intellectual Property: Secured the 6th position (2nd among public institutions, 1st in Texas)

School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

  • Overall ranking at No. 10 (9th among public institutions, 1st in Texas)

The rankings provided by U.S. News are a result of expert opinions on program excellence and statistical indicators evaluating the quality of faculty, research, and students within each school. Texas A&M University currently enrolls a total of 16,762 graduate and professional students as of fall 2023, offering over 170 master’s, 94 doctoral, and five professional degree programs.

Gen. (Ret.) Mark A. Welsh III, the president of Texas A&M University, expressed his pride in the achievements of the graduate students, faculty, and programs. He emphasized the significant contributions of post-graduate education at Texas A&M to the research enterprise and teaching missions of the institution.

The School of Law in Fort Worth, Texas A&M, witnessed a notable improvement in the U.S. News rankings, climbing three spots overall this year and an impressive 57 spots over the past five years.

Furthermore, the Bush School of Government and Public Service achieved an overall ranking of No. 26 in public affairs, with advancements in non-profit management, rising six places to No. 21. Interim dean, Frank B. Ashley III, commended the school’s progress, noting the readiness of graduates to lead in public service careers.

Additional noteworthy rankings include:

  • Analytical Chemistry: No. 11 (10th among public institutions)
  • Applied Mathematics: No. 13 (6th among public institutions)
  • Legal Writing: No. 11 (7th among public institutions, 1st in Texas)
  • Marketing: No. 29 (9th among public institutions)
  • Management: No. 27 (11th among public institutions)
  • Statistics: No. 13 (7th among public institutions, 1st in Texas)

For a comprehensive overview of Texas A&M’s rankings and to explore the U.S. News methodology, please refer to the full rankings.