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US News Rankings For Best Ohio High Schools

(4-24-24) Stateline area High Schools rankings are listed below from US News.

A Look at the Methodology Used By Us News

Rankings are based on the following six factors:

  • College readiness, based on the proportion of 12th-grade students who took and earned a qualifying score on at least one or exam (30% of ranking).
  • State assessment proficiency, based on aggregated scores on state assessments that students may be required to pass for graduation (20%).
  • State assessment performance, based on whether performance on state assessments exceeded expectations given the school’s proportion of underserved students (20%).
  • Underserved student performance, based on how Black, Hispanic and low-income students performed on state assessments compared with those who are not underserved in the state (10%).
  • College curriculum breadth, based on proportions of 12th-grade students who took and earned a qualifying score on AP and/or IB exams in multiple content areas (10%).
  • Graduation rate, based on the proportion of students who entered ninth grade in 2018-2019 and graduated four years later (10%).

Using this methodology, schools earned an overall percentile score between 0 and 100 at two decimal places. Scores below the 25th percentile are listed with a ranking range rather than a numerical rank. Each percentile includes 177 schools, so small changes due to any factor can result in big moves within the rankings, .

Additionally, Oregon, Rhode Island and Wyoming allowed U.S. News to use their schools’ AP data in the rankings this year, which could have attributed to rank increases within those states. Once again, Maine and Oklahoma did not allow use of their schools’ AP data.

All of the data is collected from third-party sources. U.S. News receives AP and IB data directly from the College Board and International Baccalaureate, when applicable.

The state assessment data and graduation rates are from each state, and other data comes from the U.S. Department of Education Common Core of Data. For three states – Montana, Tennessee and Utah – state assessment data from 2021-2022 was unavailable, so 2020-2021 data was used.

U.S. News works with , a global nonprofit social science research firm, to assess and rank all eligible public high schools nationally, and also produces distinct high schools rankings of and .


Ohio high school students are assessed in English language arts, math, science and social studies via the Ohio’s State Tests. To graduate, students must earn at least 20 credits in various subjects, learn economics and financial literacy, as well as take two or more semesters of fine arts, according to the . 705 Ohio schools made our rankings.



Note: Minster and New Knoxville were not ranked US News


A look at the rankings released today – which ranked nearly 17,660 out of more than 24,000 reviewed public high schools in all 50 states and the District of Columbia – shows notable movement among schools, especially at the top.

in Arizona jumped from No. 12 to claim the top spot. There were four other new entrants to the top 10 this year: in Pennsylvania, in Michigan, in Georgia and in California, three of which rose at least 29 spots in the rankings.

Previously ranked as the No. 1 school, in North Carolina dropped to No. 16 this year. All of the top-20 schools this year have either selective enrollment – with requirements often including a minimum GPA, teacher recommendations and an entrance exam – or a lottery system.