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– Top Performance: UNO’s College of Public Affairs Shines in Latest U.S. News Rankings

In the most recent update from the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO), the College of Public Affairs and Community Service continues to demonstrate its excellence in graduate program rankings, solidifying UNO’s position as a top-tier institution for public affairs education. Noteworthy achievements include two of UNO’s programs securing top ten national rankings for the second consecutive year: Public Finance & Budgeting at sixth place and Local Government Management at seventh place. These accomplishments highlight UNO’s dedication to academic distinction and its role in shaping the next generation of leaders in the field.

Amidst the [ppp1], which has advanced two positions to 26th in the nation, UNO’s graduate programs in public affairs maintain a strong presence. The College of Public Affairs and Community Service maintains its leading position among similar institutions, ranking 26th nationally and placing within the top 10% of programs nationwide for the seventh year in a row.

Dr. John Bartle, the Dean of CPACS, expressed his contentment with UNO’s consistent acclaim, remarking, “UNO’s School of Public Administration continues to uphold its esteemed position, standing alongside prestigious institutions like Texas A&M, University of Kansas, University of Maryland, and University of Kentucky. Our faculty’s extensive expertise and the innovative learning environment we provide attract students globally, reaffirming our leadership in the field and enhancing our reputation.”

“Our programs deliver unparalleled quality and support, equipping students with the necessary skills to effectively address contemporary challenges,” added Dr. Bartle.

UNO offers exceptional opportunities for individuals interested in public affairs, delivering a comprehensive educational experience that readies graduates for impactful careers. Maher emphasized, “Earning a degree from the School of Public Administration unlocks doors to valuable professional pathways and empowers graduates to make meaningful contributions to their communities.”

Furthermore, UNO has achieved a top-ten ranking in the latest U.S. News & World Report’s Graduate Program update. Particularly, the online Master of Science in Criminology has secured a prominent position as the seventh-ranked Criminal Justice program in the nation.

Dr. Gaylene Armstrong, the Director of the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, affirmed, “This ranking reaffirms our steadfast commitment to inclusive access and meeting students wherever they are. Our dedicated staff and esteemed faculty provide cutting-edge education in collaboration with industry stakeholders, locally and globally, fostering personal and communal prosperity.”

In addition to its rankings, UNO’s School of Criminology and Criminal Justice distinguishes itself by offering a comprehensive online curriculum, encompassing degrees from the bachelor’s to doctoral levels with a focus on accommodating professionals already engaged in their fields. Dr. John Bartle, the Dean of the College of Public Affairs and Community Service, highlights the institution’s status as a national leader in criminal justice education. “We prioritize accessibility for working professionals, boasting a world-class faculty and an innovative curriculum tailored to meet the changing demands of the criminal justice landscape.”

For further details regarding UNO’s graduate programs, please visit the [ppp2].