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### Simplifying Global Opportunities: Enhancing Study Abroad Access with Reliable Payment Solutions

For individuals from the Philippines, pursuing education abroad presents a valuable opportunity. Apart from acquiring a top-notch education, it opens doors to a prosperous career. Consequently, there is a growing interest among Filipinos in studying overseas. According to data from UNESCO in 2022, around 23,000 Filipinos are currently engaged in educational pursuits outside the country.

The President and CEO of PETNET, Adrian Alfonso Ocampo, highlighted, “Over the next five years, we anticipate a 13% surge in Filipinos seeking quality education overseas. The array of possibilities it presents, combined with robust backing from both the private and public sectors, indicates an upward trajectory.”

In addition to the academic and professional advantages, there are other exciting prospects to look forward to when embarking on international studies.

Discovery of New Locations and Establishment of Connections

Studying abroad transcends the confines of the classroom; it offers a chance to explore foreign lands. During weekends or breaks, students can plan excursions to traverse the host country, interact with new acquaintances, and blend studying with leisure.

Engagement with a Fresh Culture

Delving into a different culture is another appealing aspect. By assimilating into the local way of life and embracing traditions, students gain a distinct and broadened global outlook.

Enhancement of Professional Skills

International education and work exposure furnish individuals with a competitive advantage, molding them into versatile and adaptable personalities.

Under one of its service divisions, PETNET, Inc. broadened its collaboration with Convera, a global B2B payments entity specializing in education transactions and catering to over 900 institutions globally.

By harnessing Convera’s extensive network of partner universities, PETNET aims to provide a straightforward and cost-effective solution through the Convera GlobalPay for Students platform for managing direct payments to international educational institutions,” mentioned Mr. Ocampo.

With accessible programs tailored for Filipino students, financing overseas education, particularly in terms of tuition expenses, has become more feasible.

The Convera GlobalPay for Students platform ensures that Filipino students and payers can remit their tuition fees in Philippine Pesos (PHP) with the guarantee of timely and complete payment, devoid of hidden fees. Specifically designed for international students, the platform offers a convenient and dependable avenue for settling educational dues.

Students, parents, and sponsors can opt for PETNET as their preferred payment method during checkout and finalize their payments online via bank transfer.

Through this payment mechanism, PETNET Forex Solutions and Convera are empowering Filipinos by furnishing accessible payment options that bring them closer to their aspirations of pursuing academic opportunities abroad.

“The Convera GlobalPay for Students platform aims to aid Filipino students in accessing a seamless and cost-effective mode of direct payments to overseas education providers,” expressed Mr. Ocampo. “Studying abroad is an opportunity that should not be missed. We are pleased that through our platform, more Filipinos are equipped to seize this once-in-a-lifetime chance.”

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