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**Celebrate USAC Week with University of Nevada, Reno from Feb. 26 to March 1**

University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) is excited to commence another semester of global exploration through study abroad. In the spring of 2024, 78 students from the University of Nevada, Reno are immersing themselves in new cultures, languages, and experiences with USAC. Join us in our global adventures, especially as we commemorate 40 years of USAC success during USAC Week.

USAC Week is dedicated to celebrating study abroad and showcasing USAC’s 50+ programs. Save the date for Feb. 26 to March 1, 2024.

Throughout USAC Week, a variety of events and activities will be hosted to illuminate our diverse study abroad locations, options, and their respective cultures.

Anticipated Highlights

Special Guests: Representatives from Lyon, France, and Heredia, Costa Rica will be participating in our events!

Classroom & Group Presentations: Interested in having USAC visit your classroom, meeting, or event during USAC Week? Schedule a presentation by contacting us. We can arrange for our staff from France or Costa Rica to accompany us!

Workshops: Uncertain about which program suits you best? Attend our workshop on How to Find the Study Abroad Program for You! Confused about the application process? Join us for our application workshop to gain insights into the process.

USAC Study Abroad Fair: Delve deeper into our 50+ programs, financial aid options, and application procedures – the fair will feature food, raffle prizes, activities, and more!

Spotlight on Programs

With USAC staff from Cuba and France in attendance, let’s delve into the program details!

Heredia, Costa Rica

Situated just outside San José, Heredia offers the vibrancy of city life near the capital while maintaining a serene and laid-back ambiance. Costa Rica, renowned for its stunning natural landscapes preserved in numerous national parks and reserves, provides an opportunity for firsthand exploration. The Heredia program caters to students dedicated to mastering the Spanish language and delving into the diverse cultures of Latin America. By engaging in coursework and interacting with the local culture, you will significantly enhance your language proficiency and understanding of Costa Rican society.

Terms offered: Summer, Fall, Yearlong, Spring

Academic Focus:

  • Spanish Language & Literature
  • Latin American Culture
  • Health, Sport, & Life Sciences

Lyon, France

Lyon stands out as one of France’s most captivating cities, blending the dynamic energy of a bustling modern European metropolis with the charm of French tradition. The Presqu’île area serves as Lyon’s bustling city center, featuring towering business structures, vibrant shopping districts, and café-lined streets where locals enjoy their afternoon respite. Spend your weekends cycling or strolling along the Rhône or Saône rivers, organizing Sunday picnics with friends, or exploring some of the world’s best-preserved Renaissance architecture.

Terms offered: Summer, Fall, Yearlong, Spring

Academic Focus:

  • French Language & Literature
  • French & European Studies

For a comprehensive list of all USAC Week events, visit the USAC website.