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### Introducing University of Dallas’ Latest Offering: Jewish Classical Education Concentration

Irving, Texas (Feb. 9, 2024) — The University of Dallas, in collaboration with the Tikvah Fund, has initiated a groundbreaking venture. The inaugural group of students commenced their journey towards this specialization last autumn.

In a similar vein to the current offerings at UD, individuals pursuing a Master of Arts (MA) in humanities now have the opportunity to specialize in Jewish classical education. This unique program also provides the option of incorporating Hebrew studies to fulfill the foreign language prerequisite.

John Peterson, PhD ’18, the assistant dean of Braniff Graduate School and the director of the classical education concentration, lauded the University of Dallas for its exceptional support of K-12 classical education through an online graduate initiative. He expressed optimism about the burgeoning partnership with Tikvah, a trailblazer in crafting educational programs inspired by the classical liberal arts tradition.

Enthusiasm for the upcoming program is palpable, with enrollment numbers already showing promise.

Rabbi Mitchell Rocklin, PhD, the driving force behind the new program, emphasized its pioneering nature within American academia. This collaboration between Tikvah Fund and the University of Dallas is geared towards fostering the establishment of more Jewish classical schools.

Rocklin underscored the significance of equipping educators with a comprehensive understanding of Western culture while acknowledging Judaism’s profound impact on civilization. The program aims to train teachers in classical pedagogy and immerse them in the rich history, literature, and cultural heritage of the West from a Jewish perspective.

The curriculum places a strong emphasis on the Trivium — encompassing grammar, logic, and rhetoric — the Jewish intellectual contribution to Western thought, and the Jewish community’s role in preserving this classical legacy.

Delivered through online platforms, the program features a concentrated summer course in New York City. Students will benefit from a diverse faculty comprising both University of Dallas professors and Tikvah experts.

Rocklin expressed eagerness about the future prospects of the collaboration with UD, highlighting the shared vision for the program’s impact.

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