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### Enhance Your Skills at a Premier Business School in Africa

Daniella Chasenski had always been interested in the realm of business but felt the need for more practical knowledge and skills to pursue a professional career in the industry. To address this, she made the decision to enroll in an advanced degree program at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business (UCT GSB). Having already attained a Bachelor of Social Science in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, as well as a Postgraduate Diploma in Management in Entrepreneurship from UCT, transitioning to the GSB seemed like a natural progression for her.

Situated in the picturesque city of Cape Town, the UCT GSB has garnered numerous accolades since its establishment in 1964. With its Triple-Crown status, placing it in the top 1% of business schools globally, and consistent rankings among the top 100 MBA schools, the institution has proudly graduated over 23,000 alumni from various nations.

Presently, the UCT GSB offers a range of postgraduate programs, one of which particularly captured Chasenski’s interest — the renowned CEMS Master’s of Management specializing in International Management (CEMS MIM). Launched in 2022, this program is conducted in collaboration with CEMS, a global alliance comprising top-tier students, schools, alumni, and corporate partners. Notably, the UCT GSB stands as the sole business school in Sub-Saharan Africa offering the CEMS MiM program.

The CEMS MIM curriculum provides a robust foundation in international management practices, offering students the opportunity to spend a semester at esteemed partner institutions within the CEMS network, including the London School of Economics, Singapore University, and Cornell. Additionally, students have the chance to undertake internships at leading organizations such as Google, Maersk, ABInBev, and McKinsey.

Expressing her enthusiasm for the CEMS MIM program, Chasenski highlighted the inclusion of subjects like Topics in Social Innovation, Global Strategy, and the Doing Business in Africa (DBIA) Block Seminar. She particularly appreciated the program’s focus on bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, emphasizing the value of hands-on experience, including the 8-week international internship opportunity.

Reflecting on her experience, Chasenski acknowledges the unique opportunities provided by the program, especially for individuals with a global perspective. Engagements such as visits to the Solution Space Philippi Hub and participation in the DBIA block seminar have deepened her appreciation for tertiary education and the potential to drive positive change alongside local entrepreneurs. Interacting with exchange students further underscored the diverse and inclusive educational environment at the UCT GSB, which extends beyond a Eurocentric approach to encompass emerging markets and varied viewpoints.

Driven by her interest in the luxury sector, coupled with a passion for business analysis and sustainability, Chasenski is currently undertaking an exchange semester at HEC Paris and actively pursuing international internships. Her positive experience echoes the sentiments of UCT GSB students who speak highly of their educational journey.

Through student evaluations within the CEMS network, the UCT GSB has been able to benchmark the quality and effectiveness of its teaching methods against other esteemed business schools. Notably, in 2022, the Global Citizenship Seminar at UCT GSB received the highest score among 34 other CEMS schools. Additionally, their skills seminar and purpose workshop shared the top position with the University of Sydney, while their elective courses in Term 2 were ranked second alongside the London School of Economics and IIMC.

Uli Brummer’s experience in the CEMS MiM program revolved around building international friendships, acquiring essential negotiation skills, and embarking on unforgettable adventures, all of which pushed him out of his comfort zone. Despite facing challenges that stretched his limits, Brummer acknowledges the program’s role in enhancing his adaptability and resilience, skills that have proven invaluable in his current career within the fruit and agricultural industry.

The UCT GSB’s full-time Master of Business Administration (MBA) program offers a similarly transformative experience. Rooted in the African context yet globally relevant, this program equips students with the necessary skills and insights to tackle complex challenges and drive positive societal changes.

Choosing to study at the UCT GSB not only unlocks personal leadership competencies and expands professional networks but also provides valuable managerial knowledge and flexibility. The program offers the choice between a one-year full-time option or a flexible two-year modular format, catering to the diverse professional commitments of learners.

For those still undecided about studying at the GSB, the natural beauty of Cape Town serves as an additional incentive. As South Africa’s oldest city, Cape Town boasts breathtaking landscapes, well-developed infrastructure, a diverse population, and an exceptional quality of life — creating an ideal environment for both learning and living. Recognized for its rich heritage, innovation, and creative vibrancy, Cape Town was designated as the World Design Capital in 2014 by the World Design Organization, reflecting its unique blend of historical significance and contemporary appeal.

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