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### Unclaimed Study Abroad Scholarships: Discover Hidden Financial Assistance

Baylor’s Center for Global Engagement supports students in realizing their aspirations of studying abroad by offering various opportunities to secure scholarships. Photo illustration by Mia Crawford

Authored by Rory Dulock | Staff Writer

Baylor’s study abroad programs encompass a range of destinations, from the Galapagos Islands to New Zealand, each with associated costs. Nevertheless, the Center for Global Engagement facilitates financial assistance and guidance for students participating in summer, semester, and winter study abroad experiences.

Holly Joyner, the associate director of marketing, highlighted the office’s proactive approach in preparing students for study abroad, particularly in terms of financial planning.

Joyner emphasized the importance of transparent communication with students regarding the anticipated costs before their departure. The office structure includes different fees depending on the type of program. For instance, students enrolled in exchange or affiliate programs are billed Baylor tuition along with administrative fees. Additionally, most summer, semester, and winter programs entail charges for Baylor tuition, a program fee, a study abroad fee, and an administrative fee.

The Center for Global Engagement maintains an online repository of study abroad scholarships for students to explore potential funding opportunities. Joyner regularly updates this database with new scholarships and removes outdated ones.

In addition to internal scholarships, such as the Goodrich Scholarship, which is awarded based on students’ financial need, there are departmental scholarships within the university to support study abroad endeavors. The Goodrich Scholarship operates on a sliding scale, adjusting the award amount according to the student’s financial circumstances.

Apart from internal funding sources, students can also tap into external scholarships like the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship, designed to assist financially disadvantaged students. This scholarship targets individuals eligible for the Pell Grant, reflecting a specific socioeconomic criterion.

Furthermore, students can explore the Fulbright program, a prominent international travel scholarship that the Center for Global Engagement collaborates with to endorse deserving candidates.

Dr. Daniel Benyousky, the director of major fellowships and awards, plays a pivotal role in guiding students through the process of securing fellowships and awards, including the prestigious Fulbright scholarship.

For more information on scholarship opportunities or general inquiries about studying abroad, visit the study abroad [ppp1].