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### UMSL Excels in Recent US News Rankings for Top Graduate Schools

UMSL excels in the most recent US News rankings for ‘Best Graduate Schools’

UMSL’s graduate programs in social work, education, business, and public affairs have all shown improvement, securing positions among the top 125 nationally in the latest rankings.

The university offers high-quality master’s degree programs across various disciplines, catering to working professionals seeking to advance in their careers.

The recent 2024 rankings by [US News] highlighted the excellence of UMSL’s programs in social work, education, business, and public affairs. The university demonstrated progress in each category, with all four programs now recognized among the top 125 nationally.

“We are dedicated to enhancing workforce development in our region, which includes empowering students to acquire advanced knowledge and skills through master’s or doctoral degrees,” stated [person], UMSL’s vice chancellor for academic affairs and provost. “We are delighted that U.S. News & World Report acknowledges the exceptional quality of education at UMSL. The advancements in these rankings reflect the dedication of our faculty and staff, who strive to provide students with the latest insights relevant to their chosen fields.”

UMSL’s graduate social work program climbed [number] spots to [position] compared to the 2022 rankings. This program, spanning two years full-time or up to six years part-time, prepares graduates to engage with individuals and families in various settings such as child welfare agencies, mental health clinics, schools, and more. Students opting for the leadership and social change concentration acquire the necessary skills to take on leadership roles in diverse public, private, and nonprofit organizations.

The College of Education’s program retained its top spot in St. Louis and secured the third position in the state, advancing [number] places to [position]. Faculty members at UMSL excel in translating cutting-edge research into practical applications that benefit students in classrooms regionally.

UMSL’s MBA program rose by [number] places this year, marking a 48-place increase over the past two years, now standing at [position]. Students have the flexibility to pursue their MBA in evening, online, or hybrid formats, with specialization options in various fields like accounting, finance, and marketing.

The Master of Public Policy Administration (MPPA) program at UMSL also saw a significant improvement, climbing [number] spots to [position]. This program offers emphasis areas in policy research and analysis, local government management, and nonprofit management, with graduates often assuming leadership roles in municipal governments and nonprofit organizations in St. Louis.

While U.S. News does not rank every graduate program annually, UMSL’s programs in [programs] have also received rankings in recent years, showcasing the university’s consistent commitment to academic excellence.