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### Top 25 U.S. Graduate Education Schools Include UMD College of Education

The College of Education at the University of Maryland has achieved a significant milestone by securing a position among the top 25 graduate education schools nationwide, as revealed in the latest rankings. This year, the college has climbed to the 25th spot from its previous ranking of 27. Specifically, in the realm of public graduate schools of education across the country, it has surged to the 16th position, advancing by two places from the previous year. Notably, it retains its prestigious status as the leading public graduate school of education in Maryland.

Dean Kimberly Griffin expressed her immense pride in the accomplishments of the EdTerps and the College of Education, emphasizing the institution’s dedication to groundbreaking research and the cultivation of influential leaders and practitioners within a nurturing community.

Furthermore, U.S. News has bestowed high accolades upon all nine specialized programs offered by the UMD College of Education, positioning them within the top 25 nationally across all institutions and within the top 20 among public establishments. Impressively, five of these programs have secured positions in the top 10 rankings.

Here is a breakdown of the top-ranked graduate programs:

Top 10 Graduate Programs:

  • Curriculum and Instruction: Ranked 8th among public institutions and 11th overall
  • Education Policy: Secured 9th place among public institutions and 16th overall
  • Educational Psychology: Achieved the 3rd spot among public institutions and 4th overall
  • Higher Education Administration: Positioned 8th among public institutions and 11th overall
  • Student Counseling and Personnel Services: Attained the 3rd place among public institutions and 3rd overall

Top 20 Graduate Programs:

  • Educational Administration and Supervision: Ranked 16th among public institutions and 21st overall
  • Elementary Teacher Education: Secured the 13th spot among public institutions and 16th overall
  • Secondary Teacher Education: Positioned 15th among public institutions and 18th overall
  • Special Education: Attained the 11th place among public institutions and 12th overall

Each year, U.S. News conducts comprehensive evaluations and rankings of graduate schools across various disciplines, including education. The assessment criteria encompass a range of factors such as research activity, student-faculty ratio, faculty accolades, and the academic caliber of students. The rankings are determined through statistical surveys involving over 2,200 programs and reputation surveys distributed to around 17,000 academics and professionals.

Moreover, U.S. News assesses over 250 education schools annually, considering parameters like research output, faculty-student ratios, and academic achievements. The rankings also incorporate feedback from deans at education institutions, school superintendents, and hiring professionals to gauge program quality and excellence.