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### U.S. News Ranks UCF Online Programs in Top 10 Nationally for 2024

With a dedication to unlocking students’ potential, UCF provides numerous avenues to attain high-quality undergraduate or graduate degrees, crafted by expert faculty to offer convenience and flexibility for a multitude of students striving for success while managing full-time jobs and family duties.

By catering to students’ requirements and granting access to exceptional online programs, UCF continues to empower students to cultivate skills that drive the economy and address the demands of Florida’s expanding workforce.

Recently, the quality of UCF’s online degrees was acknowledged by U.S. News & World Report with the university securing the 7th position nationally for Best Online Bachelor’s Programs.

Out of the 14 UCF national rankings by U.S. News, six programs secured spots in the top 10, two in the top 15, and three within the top 50.

Maintaining its position in the top 20 for Best Online Programs overall since 2024, UCF has consistently excelled in online education, with six programs ranking in the top 10.

Key achievements include UCF ranking fifth for Best Online Bachelor’s Programs for Veterans, underscoring the university’s commitment to supporting student veterans in their academic pursuits. The Office of Military and Veteran Success on campus provides invaluable resources and a supportive community for veterans to achieve their educational and professional objectives through distance learning. Furthermore, UCF’s graduate education and engineering programs were also recognized among the nation’s best for veterans.

President Alexander N. Cartwright emphasizes, “UCF’s dedication to nurturing Florida’s workforce talent involves expanding access to high-quality online education that caters to students’ needs for flexibility, thereby fostering their success. We appreciate the faculty’s innovative efforts in delivering accessible, top-tier online education that equips individuals for present and future industries.”

Pioneering Online Education

UCF Online has pioneered innovative pathways for students, including those residing far away and balancing full-time employment, to pursue bachelor’s and master’s degrees, doctorates, and graduate certificates. The university is committed to meeting the diverse needs of its students who seek to enhance their lives and those of their families through online learning.

Every faculty member undergoes a rigorous training and qualification process before leading an online course.

Tom Cavanagh, vice provost for Digital Learning at UCF, acknowledges the pivotal role of faculty in the success of high-quality online programs. He states, “The dedication and creativity of our faculty create engaging learning environments that enhance student success and position UCF as a trailblazer in digital learning.”

UCF initiated online course offerings as early as 1996, showcasing extensive experience in distance education. From enrollment to graduation, UCF Online students benefit from various services such as online success coaches, academic guidance, library resources, career assistance, technical support, and more.

Harnessing Technology for Psychology Education

Martha Hubertz, a psychology lecturer, has been at the forefront of online class innovation, particularly catering to transfer and first-generation students. Through the integration of immersive graphics, interactive learning experiences, and gamification, she has enhanced the quality of online education.

Hubertz highlights the effectiveness of Personalized Adaptive Learning (PAL), enabling students to progress at their own pace through course content. The implementation of PAL has led to a significant improvement in test scores.

Florian Jentsch, chair of the psychology department, notes, “UCF’s online bachelor’s in psychology program ensures that students receive the same quality education as on-campus psychology majors, irrespective of their location. There are no distinctions between on-campus and online students in terms of academic advisement and course offerings.”

Gateway to Lucrative Careers

UCF graduate Xavier Henderson, who completed his bachelor’s degree in 2017 through in-person classes, furthered his education with a master’s degree in the same field in 2021, this time through online courses. While working full-time as a systems engineer at Lockheed Martin in Cape Canaveral, Henderson appreciated the flexibility of online classes, which allowed him to excel amidst work commitments.

Alan Tromba, transitioning from art and military aviation to the IT field, is pursuing an [ppp1] at UCF. The program’s excellence has positioned UCF at No. 23 in U.S. News’ Best Online Computer Information Technology Programs.

Tromba, residing in Brandon, Florida, emphasizes the program’s advantages in digital forensics, UCF’s reputation in the field, and the program’s cost-effectiveness and accessibility. The flexibility of online courses eliminated the need for commuting, proving to be a significant motivator. Tromba’s professional progress following the program underscores its value, making his investment worthwhile.